Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Well, well... Just barely a couple of hours after Mr. Karthik from Spice Mobility e-mailed us to let us know that the OS 2.1 Update was posted to the Spice Mobility website, an official e-mail has been sent out from Spice Mobility to inform us that the update is available. So what's the big deal? Well, this e-mail has a .PDF attached with complete instructions for performing the update! For those of you who have not e-mailed Spice Mobility asking about the 2.1 OS Update, and so have not received this .PDF, relax. They've posted it in the "User Manuals" section of their website.

Go here :


Unknown said...

thats a great news...soon gona update hey...are they planin to upade mi300 to 2.2???...u hv ny news on that???

The Indian Geek said...

There has been no word from Spice about 2.2

We doubt if they would upgrade it to 2.2

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