Friday, December 31, 2010

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It’s no secret that we’re immense fans of Engadget. The gadget world would be having a huge gaping hole if Engadget didn’t exist. Though most of the reviews and opinions have an American/British (or rather, Western) slant, the folks over at Engadget know their stuff. This is why we even suggested you check out their extensive Holiday Guides for our Geeky Christmas wish. Now if you’re one of those lucky ones to be blessed with a shiny new gadget this holiday season (either self-gifted, or gifted by a very loving parent/spouse/sibling/significant other) then you’re most probably trying to figure out what you could do with it to make it more snazzy and show it off to all your envious friends. With that in mind, we thought we’d call your attention to Engadget’s collection of the best Apps, accessories and tips for each of these mobile device platforms. Keep in mind that certain Apps are not going to be available in India – such as Pandora; and most accessories won’t be. But going through these compilations could help provide some idea of what could be done with your shiny new device.

We’re listing these in Alphabetical order of the devices, so that you folks out there don’t need to fight over which platform is superior.

Android phone – Apps, accessories and tips (Might we also add our own suggestions for Catch Notes, the NDTV app; TweetDeck has been suggested by Engadget, so we’ll pass on that one)

Blackberry – Apps, accessories and tips This is a platform that we have not seen in common use in India, although many people do own Blackberry phones – so we have no suggestions of our own

iPad – Apps, accessories and tips An iPad may not yet be officially available for sale in India, but there’s quite a few people who have purchased it on the grey market. And maybe you’re wondering what to do with it now. So this bit is for all of you guys (and gals!)

iPhone – Apps, accessories and tips An iPhone is a fashion icon and a status symbol in India. If someone’s got it, everyone around who notices it would whisper in hushed tones “Hey, he’s got an iPhone!” Be that as it may, it’s still an awesome platform for the best mobile Apps out there. Go get ‘em.

Palm phone – Apps, accessories and tips A Palm phone is simply not available in India. So unless you’re an NRI who owns one and is now in India, or someone who bought one when you went abroad, this section is pretty useless to you. But if you do own one, then Engadget’s guide is certainly useful. Go ahead, receive with open palms! (Sorry – we couldn’t resist that pun)

Since Nokia isn’t very big in the USA, Engadget has completely left out apps, accessories and tips for the Symbian ^1 and Symbian ^3 platforms. (We also suspect that not many of the geeks at Engadget own Nokia smartphones, so, a little difficult for them to actually write up guides for these phones) If you do own a Symbian phone, you’ll be pleased to know that Nokia’s done some decent work behind-scenes to pay developers to deliver their games to you – free of charge. Many games which cost a dollar or more (upwards of Rs. 45/- or so) on other mobile phone platforms are completely free for Symbian smartphones. Get them here. You’re also going to want to get the Indian Geek app. Life on your Symbian smartphone would stand still without it.


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