Saturday, December 18, 2010

Free Android Ware

When you buy a new Android phone (or get one as a gift, you lucky envy-monger!) one of the things you’ll grow to love pretty soon is the variety and sheer magnitude of Apps that are available on the Android Market. The Market has over 1,00,000 Apps and counting. In India, we’re mostly concerned with the “free” Apps. Don’t get us wrong – we know of people who would pay for Apps, as well. But there seems to be a general consensus in our country, that if software isn’t free, then I’m not buying it. We could go on about the rampant piracy prevailing here, or the inexplicable lack of knowledge regarding piracy (“I bought this DVD with 6 films – I own them now, don’t I?”) … but we digress.

For such lovers of free stuff, the Android Market has more than enough goodies. Let’s assume that out of the 1 lakh Apps on the Market currently, 10,000 of them are free. If you can download, install and start using five free Apps every day from the Market, then it would take you 2000 days (or 5.5 years, roughly) to check out all those Apps. To take away the daunting task of hunting down these free Apps, Free Android Ware was born. Now, before you head over to and start checking out Apps, Games, Themes and Wallpapers – a few words of caution. The website simply previews the content, and posts links to download items from various third-party sources. We haven’t personally checked out each of these Apps, but the few we did seemed to be fine. We’d still advise you to browse Free Android Ware for goodies, and then hit up the Android Market on your phone and get the real goody from the Market. Secondly, the wallpapers suggested by the site are slightly off-colour, and they’re wallpapers that we wouldn’t want kids to be having on their phones. We just thought it prudent to caution you that this site is definitely NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Also, we’ve not tried out any of these wallpapers, but they appear to be not wide enough for the multi-homescreen wallpapers that most Android phones (and homescreen launchers) require. You can’t say you’ve not been cautioned now, can you?

We’d like to note one more thing – this is with regard to the ‘Themes’. We know that people love having the choice of installing a hundred million themes on their phones. But with the Android mobile OS, themes are based on the Launcher that is being used. So before installing a theme and cribbing that it’s not working, please ensure that you have the necessary launcher application installed – adw launcher, OpenHome, aHome are all popular ones. Use of these alternate launchers, apart from the pre-installed launcher of your phone would considerably affect CPU performance and RAM memory, depending on which phone you are using and the hardware in it.

So keep our careful cautions in mind, and have a happy time downloading those new Games and Apps. Do let us know if you have good or bad experiences with the stuff from


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