Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Indian Geek - A Geeky Christmas

Yeah, it’s Christmas day, and we still decided to go ahead and put out a little something for all our readers out there. Today, we’re trying to bring to you the “spirit of Christmas” as much as possible in a single post on The Indian Geek.

Let’s begin with something for our lazy folks. If you’ve been too lazy (let’s call it “busy” for now) to pull your selves away from the computer, smartphone or tablet that you’re addicted to, to actually put some thoughts into getting gifts for your near and dear ones, then listen up. If you’ve still got a few hours (or a day, perhaps?) to get that special someone something nice for Christmas this year, then the following two websites may help... has a “guide” to help with ideas for gadget lovers. This list is predominantly American, with little or no relevance for us Indians; but the fact remains that most of the products mentioned in that list have some sort of an Indian equivalent. Find the guide here. The next one is our top favoutite – it’s the annual Holiday Gift Guide from Engadget. Find it here. The dudes (and dudettes) at Engadget have actually sat and compiled this guide, thoroughly detailing various categories and types of gadgets. Even if you’re not looking to buy gifts for someone, we definitely would encourage you to take a look at this guide; it’s got everything. But again, this is oriented towards an American audience, and not everything on the list would be available, or the same price in India – but it definitely is worth looking at.

If you’re looking to read up/look up more about the various events surrounding this holiday season, we suggest that you head over to Yes, we’re not joking. Their logo this time around is the most ambitious ever, and in our opinion, the Google logo with the least resemblance to the actual Google logo. Every image that has been used in this “doodle” actually represents a different holiday or search term. Feel free to go ahead and click on each of the images in the doodle, and browse through more information surrounding the holiday season.

And for folks who just want a cool way to blow off some time today doing something really cool, definitely do check out the NORAD and Google Earth Santa tracker. Full detailed steps on how to go about this are available here. (We do know that a certain someone called Santa Clause does not exist; but this is cool, no?)

On a closing note, we’d like to leave you with a poem which is a parody of A Visit from St. Nicholas where Santa Claus enters a programmer’s room on Christmas eve and encounters a computer. This poem can be found at this link. (The original A Visit from St. Nicholas can be found here) Enjoy the spirit of the season, folks. A geeky Christmas to all, and to all a good day!


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