Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kno Dual Screen with Stylus

There is a big buzz in the market place when a Notebook computer (portable computer) is released. In recent times, the Tablets or even the e-readers that are making more news. For a student in India, this is nothing more than just news. A student studying in India, is in need of something entirely different. He needs an e-notebook. A college student is supposed to refer to a minimum of 3-5 textbooks for every subject, for BE or MBBS courses. It doesn’t make sense to expect him to fully purchase 18-30 (3-5 reference books x 6 subjects) textbooks every single semester. The current situation is such that students end up either borrowing textbooks from the college/university library, but the library lends only a limited number books, at any given point in time. There is no way any college library would be willing to lend out 30 books to a single student, for an entire semester. Plus, consider the burden to the student, of keeping 20-30 textbooks with them, carrying the textbooks, etc. Now technology must come to the rescue.

Kno Dual Screen with Stylus

What an Indian student needs
1. Ease of use; a solution using which our students are able to refer to multiple textbooks with a single touch
2. Personalization; our students like to underline, highlight and draw circles
3. Books they can actually afford to own, so that they could refer to it even years later
4. Easy access to the textbooks, some books authored by foreigners are difficult to obtain here in India

With the advent of recent technology all this is possible.

Kno Single Screen with Stylus

What an e-Notebook could do

1. With a e-Notebook, one can refer to multiple books
2. Technology is present to store our highlighting and underling as a separate layer, so that the original text of the book is unchanged
3. Without the cost of paper, the cost of e-textbooks must come down to at least half its cost
4. The internet can be used to provide access to e-textbooks to almost anywhere

Our question is : which big company would miss out to make loads of money supplying cost effective e-notebooks to multitudes of college students in India, or even the world?

Kno Dual Screen with Stylus single_screen_lrg

We believe that the answer to the stated issues, is the Kno, which is a recently released e-Notebook. The Kno website has the facility of borrowing or buying e-textbooks from the site itself. The 16 GB version of the Single Screen with Stylus edition is $599 plus taxes, while the Dual Screen with Stylus edition is being sold for $899 plus taxes. At current exchange rates, that works out to about Rs. 27,000/- and Rs. 41,000/- Considering the thousands of rupees that Indian students end up spending on textbooks, and for their actual education over the duration of their course, this is a very viable option – the student would simply purchase a Kno reader when entering college; all notes and texts could be maintained in it.

We hope that major portable computer manufacturing companies would take the concept of the e-notebook seriously and come to the rescue of our Indian-geeks-in-the-making.


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