Friday, December 24, 2010

Nokia C5-03 White

The Nokia C5-03 seems to be a decent value-for-money mobile phone, and we thought that we should, kind of, highlight this fact, so that those of you out there who are looking to buy a new smartphone from Nokia, could have a look at the C5-03, before you decide on which phone to buy.

The C5-03 very neatly slides into a gap between the low-end budget smartphones from Nokia, such as the 5233 and the 5230 (or the newly launched 5250), which all retail for below Rs. 7,500/-, and the mid-to-high-end smartphones such as the X6 and the C6, which retail for anywhere within the Rs. 12,500/- to Rs. 15,500/- price range. The C5-03, though it hasn’t been officially launched in India, is listed for sale at for Rs. 10,500/- (inclusive of taxes)

The primary factor about this upcoming Nokia phone that caught our attention, is the processor. Sure, it has the same ARM11 processor core that all other touchscreen phones from Nokia (running Symbian ^1, or Series 60 5th Edition) have used; but it’s running at 600 Mhz. If you’re wondering why that’s important – allow us to explain. The Nokia N97, the X6, the 523x series – all use 434 Mhz ARM11 processors. The current flagship phone from Nokia running Symbian ^3, the N8, has a 680 Mhz processor.

Other features of this phone include 3G (With HSDPA), Wi-Fi, GPS, 5 Megapixel camera (fixed focus, not auto-focus) and other such necessities in modern-day smartphones. The one feature that the phone does lack is a front-facing video camera for video calls. The fact that this phone uses a resistive touchscreen is also a big let down, but you get your money’s worth for the price. Apart from these two niggling omissions, or drawbacks, this phone is loaded. If you’re interested to find out more about this upcoming mobile phone from Nokia, check out the links below.

Nokia C5-03 Product page at

Nokia C5-03 Device Specifications at


Santosh Kumar said...

I saw a demo of this phone.. its gud! but as usual symbian is always pretty slow....

The Indian Geek said...

Thanks for stopping by, Santosh, and for sharing your thoughts on this phone. If we get our hands on it, we'll definitely run it down in a full review. :)

No promises, though!

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