Monday, December 6, 2010

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DazeInfo, has an article posted two days ago attempting to list the “best” Android phones under Rs. 15k in India. There are a few reasons stated for listing devices on this “best list”, namely “various factors and usability of Android platform”. There are three glaring reasons why the list simply doesn’t work. To begin with, the list simply appears to list out all the Android phones that are available in India currently, below the 15k mark, except a few such as the Motorola Flipout, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini twins, and it also lists the HTC Tattoo, which is so ancient and feature-lacking that we’ve never mentioned it or recommended it at anytime. Moving on, we also note that devices with resistive touchscreens have made it to the list – such as the Micromax Andro, which we had to slap a DO NOT BUY sticker on, due to the small and resistive touchscreen, which makes it pretty pointless, as per the “usability of the Android platform” criterion. Finally, the list tried to “showcase some of the major features of these phones” and that’s where the list fails again. For certain of the listed phones, the list states the available user memory, such as 150 MB or 170 MB. For other phones, it lists the total installed ROM capacity on the phone, such as 256 MB, or 512 MB. This is very misleading. To a casual person coming across this list, you’d be totally zapped that the Motorola Charm has (supposedly) 512 MB of storage memory compared to the other phones which have much less. So you go out and buy the phone, and discover that you actually have only about 170-200 MB to use; the rest of that 512 MB of ROM is taken up by the Android Operating System.

The Indian Geek strives to keep customers updated with accurate information, without just “putting info out there”. Our purpose is to keep our readers informed of what’s out there in the market, so that you could make up your minds on what to buy. But we’ve got our work cut out for us when almost every third Indian tech site/blog decides to come out with a “best phones under Rs. 15k” list every once in a while, without doing an iota of research, or without knowing what they’re talking about. When we do come out with an issue of Our Recommends, we take full effort to ensure that we’re actually providing valuable info to our readers. Nobody pays The Indian Geek; as you can see, we don’t have Ads on our website (or our Symbian mobile app). We really care about the purchase decisions that an Indian consumer makes, and we want them to be informed decisions. With all due respect to DazeInfo, we’d like to say that when you make a best phones list, it should be something like this, preferably preceded by a thorough breakdown of the different mobile phone Operating Systems out there, such as this article.

In effect, I guess what we’re saying is don’t believe everything you read on the Internet blindly, including information put out by The Indian Geek. Seriously. The Our Recommends : Smartphones list that we put out less than a month ago is already outdated since LG came out with the Optimus One P500. It’s a pretty decent HVGA Android smartphone, with oodles of RAM, and a similar price-point to the Motorola Quench XT3, or the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. Trust us, you should take everything you read online with a pinch of knowledge, and hands-on experience at the nearest TATA Croma store.Yeah, we love TATA’s Croma stores and we hang out there pretty often. What did you expect? We’re geeks. And proud of it.


Aarzu Sona said...

Dear Indian Geek,

It good to see some criticism & direct attack against other blog. Seems, 'blog war' has been triggered. I have closely gone through with all 3 article (, above one and your list of android ).

In my opinion, your words looks offensive ( I have no idea why). Criticism is an art and online blog is a journalism which every one should respect and know properly before opting it. There is a very slight difference between criticism & attack.

However, I feel that the parameters of your list as well dazeinfo is completely different. Their words are focused on price range which caters to everyone. Your list is based on tech specifications. So , literally, no comparison.

Your second last paragraph " we have no ads and we don't write for sack..." smells some personal grudge from them - again, I have no idea.

I have also found that Dazeinfo have pretty rich & large audience which follows them. They have been listed at various well known tech PR.

So my suggestion is if anyone wants to grow they shouldn't opt for attacking way. Instead, "collaboration" will be best way.

And if my words sounds weired to you, then blogging is not for you as a good analyst should have high level control over his personal feeling, temper and mind before he sit to write. Remember, you have giving something to word and that should be healthy to read and learn.


theindiangeek said...

Hello Saajid,

Thank you so much for taking the time to firstly visit our site, then go ahead and read carefully through the three articles (we're assuming you're referring to this post, the original article at DazeInfo and the Our Recommends article we've posted for smartphones) and finally, thank you so much for taking the time to post such a well-thought out comment.

We agree that the 'tone' of our article could have been less critical of the DazeInfo article, but it continues to sadden us that well-established tech blogs such as DazeInfo could put out such an article listing ALL the phones under Rs. 15k as the "best" phones under Rs. 15k. We actually love collaborating (wherever possible) with other tech blogs, which is why we keep referring to other sites from where we ourselves have gotten information, or other details, such as ... Speaking of, they've got a "list" of Android smartphones available in India, which we find a very good tool for an Indian consumer out to buy an Android smartphone.

The purpose of this website, The Indian Geek, is to educate our readers (and anyone else who comes across this site) to what's out there, and such. In writing this article, our intention was not to "attack" DazeInfo; rather, to inform people that the list put out by DazeInfo is not a "best of" list, but rather, just a list - with some glaring discrepancies with respect to the ROM capacity of the listed Android phones - some phones, their actual usable capacity is listed. While other phones, their actual installed capacity is listed. For a non-techie smartphone buyer, such errors by a leading tech blog could make a huge difference. We just wished to point out these two things.

Again, thank you for your feedback. Trust us, it has been thought-provoking.

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