Thursday, January 6, 2011

Old Typewriter

Look at you, all modern and surfing the Internet, trying to be tech-savvy and putting on that Geek-itude; all in an attempt to not end up looking like that ageing typewriter pictured above. You’re trying very hard, aren’t you? We know how it feels. And then, you suddenly encounter an acronym in a chat (or any conversation) and you don’t know what it means. What if your friend says “JK” or “BRB”? Do you know what those acronyms mean?

To help you folks out, we decided to depart from our usual schedule of providing you geeky information about the tech world out there. Instead, we bring to you The Indian Geek’s very own compilation of the most commonly used acronyms in everyday living. Every geeky editor contributed to this list. You think you know all the possible acronyms out there? Read on to find out.

(In alphabetical order)

AFK Away From Keyboard
AFAIK As Far As I Know
AKA Also Known As
ASL Age, Sex, Location
ASAP As Soon As Possible
BB Blackberry
BFF Best Friends Forever
BRB Be Right Back
BTW By The Way
BYOB Bring Your Own Booze/Beer
BYODKM Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard and Mouse
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FB Facebook
FYI For Your Information
FYKI For You Kind Information
GTG Got To Go
ILU I Love You
IM Instant Message
JK Just Kidding
LMAO Laughing My Ass Off
LOL Laughing Out Loud
MYOB Mind Your Own Business
NSFW Not Safe For Work
OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
OMG Oh My God
PAW People/Parents Are Watching
PIBKAC Problem Is Between Keyboard And Chair
RC Remote/Radio Control
ROFL Rolling On the Floor Laughing
ROFLOL Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROFLMAO Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off
RSVP Respondez s’il vous plait (“Please reply” – in French)
RT Re-Tweet/Real Time
R&R Rewards & Recognition/Rest and Relaxation
TBD To Be Declared/Determined
TC Take Care
TGIF Thank God/Goodness It’s Friday
TIG The Indian Geek
TMI Too Much Information
TTYL Talk To You Later
W/O Without
WWJD What Would Jesus Do
WoW World of Warcraft

Note: There are other very popular acronyms which use less than honourable words, which we cannot publish as a part of this list, for obvious reasons. We would also request our readers to refrain from using such off-colour terms and/or phrases. Thanks.


Now that you’ve been armed with the GAL (Geek’s Acronym List), go out there an unleash your geekiness. If you like, feel free to chime in the comments below with your own acronyms which are popular in your circle of friends.

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