Saturday, January 1, 2011

How are you going to remember this year? Is it going to be the year when you did something awful? Or when you did something awesome? Is 2010 going to be the year when you fell in love and got married? Or when you became a political activist? Whatever you're gonna remember this year for, one thing's certain... For us, 2010 will always be the year that The Indian Geek was launched. It's barely four months since we launched, and we've come a long way.

Let's briefly recap on what we've published so far, shall we? We've given you our first edition of Our Recommends which was for smartphones, published right after we took a brief comparative look at the mobile phone platforms and Operating Systems out there. We're two editions deep into our Assembled series which is all about building a value for money mid-range PC. We've called out a few glaring errors by tech companies and by our online blogging brethren. We've also brought you editorials from time to time which have looked at e-notebooks, broadband speeds and extensions for Chrome, to name a few. We've reviewed one or two devices, and a few Apps. We've even touched the far reaches of digital photography while attempting to help you all figure out the star ratings on appliances. Each article we write enables us to learn more about the subject as we try and do the research necessary to write the article. We'll definitely bring you more of the good stuff in 2011.

Some of you, we know, are very sharp folks who are wondering about that title for this post up there. We just wanted to remind you that technology pervades almost every part of our lives. From simple tasks such as banking to everyday computing and fun stuff like keeping in touch or building the next greatest value for money PC. To this end, we see technology as the glue that binds it all together - everything in our lives. Since The Indian Geek is all about technology, we're wishing you all a happy glue year!


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