Saturday, January 8, 2011

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800

Every home in India (that owns a computer) is increasingly using the computer as a source and a means for an all-in-one entertainment system. As computers become more “living room” appliances, the question of controlling them while sitting on a couch (or sofa) becomes of paramount importance. This leads people to turn to Wireless peripherals for operating the computer. There are quite a few cheapish Wireless Desktop packages from the leading peripherals manufacturers, such as Logitech’s MK260 (product site) which is available for around Rs. 1150/- plus taxes and Microsoft’s Wireless Desktop 800 (product site) which is available for around Rs. 1250/- plus taxes. When compared to the budget Wired Desktop packages from Microsoft and Logitech which could cost anywhere around Rs. 500 – 700/- such cheapish Wireless Desktop packages become a viable option. We decided to review Microsoft’s offering in this segment over the course of the next few weeks. So watch out for our full review. Till then, feel free to enjoy the unboxing pictures. In case you are wondering if this uses Infrared or Bluetooth – it uses neither of the two standards for wireless communications. The Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 uses a proprietary wireless link in the 2.4 Ghz frequency range, with a single transceiver handling the duties for both the mouse and the keyboard.

Head on below to see the full set of unboxing pictures, and our first impressions of this Wireless Desktop combo.


* The keyboard and mouse set look simple, yet elegant enough for the price

* The glossy band around the mouse, which is actually a matte-finish affair looks good

* The glossy bezel around the keyboard is way too glossy. It may look fine from afar, but we barely touched it, and it started picking up fingerprints. Just out of the box, it was attracting dust like crazy

* The mouse has a power button; the keyboard does not

* There are no “instructions” or manual provided; the user guide supplied is for standard Microsoft Hardware – for mice, keyboards, headsets and webcams – kind of like a usage and maintenance “tips” booklet

* The batteries come included, which is nice. (The competing MK260 from Logitech also come with batteries included)

* The Wireless transceiver is really small.

* This set is very easy and simple to install. Plug in the transceiver into a USB port on the computer, and you’re good to go. It’s that simple.

For the full set of the un-boxing pictures, you can either view the slideshow below, or click it to view all the pictures in our Picasa Web Album.


Marcos Paulo Ruppel said...

I need some information about this desktop set. I'm about to buy it, it looks good and I know about Microsoft products because I already have 2 wired desktop sets here. The question is: Does it have those LED indicators for NUM, CAPS and SCROLL LOCK, and if so, where is it? Because the common place on top-right is replaced with the shortcut buttons! Please answer me

The Indian Geek said...

Hello Marcos,

Yes, Microsoft peripherals are generally worth the money spent. With regard to this unit, however, it is a budget unit, with cramped keys and no indicator lights for CAPS/NUM/SCROLL locks.

You can check out our full review here:

Thanks for stopping by!

Guess Me said...

i lost usb transmitter any possibility to get new one from microsoft.....

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