Thursday, January 27, 2011

Motorola Defy

The release of the Motorola Defy this week in India is one of the best India-specific. Android-related news we have heard in a while. It looks to be a phone slotting in at the lower-end of the high-end Android phone market segment. The blog scooped up the story that it was released first.

The reason why this phone sounds great, is that it has some decent specs – plus some rugged features, such as being scratch-proof “Gorilla Glass” screen, dust-proof and water-resistant. The specs of this phone are:

* Android 2.1 Éclair Operating System (upgradeable to 2.2 Froyo)

* 3.7 inch multi-touch 854x480 (FWVGA) display

* An OMAP 3610 processor running at 800 Mhz

* 5 MP Autofocus rear camera with LED flash, capable of recording 640x480 (VGA) video

* 512 MB RAM

* 2 GB onboard storage; expandable using microSD upto 32 GB

* the usual set of sensors and radios – proximity, accelerometer, HSPA, GPS, Wi-Fi (b/g/n) with DLNA, and Bluetooth

* Stereo FM radio with RDS (Most probably would require you to connect your headphones to act as the antenna)

* A 1540 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery

* A secondary mic for “CrystalTalk Plus” noise cancellation

* Flash-lite enabled web browser

* And the usual MotoBlur skin atop the standard Android interface

All of the above, available for a cost of Rs. 18,500. That’s why we like it! More press shots of the phone are below. Note: The phone is available with a white back bezel (pictured) and a black back bezel (not pictured)

Motorola Defy - Left three quarter viewMotorola Defy - BackMotorola Defy - Front, rightMotorola Defy - Right three-quarter viewMotorola Defy - Front, landscapeMotorola Defy - Front

This seems to be a very good deal from Motorola. The only things that we see bringing down the price of the Motorola Defy, when compared to the competition would be – slightly smaller screen size (compared to 4 and 4.1-inch touting high-end phones) and a processor without a dedicated graphics chip (this could be the reason why the rear camera cannot shoot 720p video). However, for the package, Rs. 18,500 seems like a really good buy. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


Abhishek Saha said...

how about Samsung Galaxy Ace or Galaxy 551 or HTC Wildfire?? how to choose... i m confused...!!!!

The Indian Geek said...

Hello Abhishek,

Thanks for stopping by! We really understand your dilemma, because there's a slew of new Android phones out there - and most of them are likeable in one or the other. First thing we'd suggest is - decide on a budget, and stick to it.

Second, try to find a phone that's value-for-money for your budget. If you ask us, we'd suggest the HVGA-display based Spice Mi-310 for Rs. 8,999/- for those on the lowest-possible budget. Bump it up a little higher, and the LG Optimus One P500 is an excellent buy with 512 MB RAM at Rs. 12,000/- or so. If you can shell out Rs. 15,000/- or so, the Samsung Galaxy Ace seems like a decent buy - it's got a speedy 800 Mhz processor, a fair amount of RAM (around 384 MB, we're guessing) and that Adreno 200 GPU which should be decent. We're working on a review of this unit - and it's fine for the price. But if you can spring for the Rs. 19,500/- costing Samsung Galaxy S LCD 4GB, then there's nothing like it. We haven't seen this much value-for-money in ANY phone. Period. You get a whole host of very high-end Android phone features.

We guess this should help you to budgetize your confusion, at the very least. Happy mobile phone hunting!

PS - Keep in mind, though, that you need to like the design of the phone. If possible, visit a Croma (or a similar) store and check out the feel and design of these phones. Photos tell only 25% of the story. Really.

JonesSandy said...

Please Suggest any Andriod phone with following features:
1. Andriod 2.2 (or above)
2. slider QWERTY
3. Dual camers, with vedio calling.

coming soon one may be cosidered


The Indian Geek said...


Thank you for stopping by. We are sorry that it took us sometime to get back to you. However, as far as we know, there are very few Android phones which can make actual 3G video calls. The Samsung Galaxy S is the only one that we have personally seen with the feature.

From what we know, it's because of 3G video calling being non-popular in the US. So most of the Android phones with front-facing video cameras (Like the Google Nexus S) can make video chat calls - but not plain 3G video phonecalls.

As far as a slider with a front-facing video camera is concerned, there is no Indian model yet. I suggest that you wait for the next Motorola Milestone or the next generation of the HTC Desire Z - which MAY have front-facing video cameras. No idea/word on the release dates, but they could take another 6 months - if at all they're going to be released.

Hope this helps. Cheers.

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