Saturday, January 29, 2011


Apart from that praise-worthy launch of the Defy for Rs. 18,500 this week, Motorola also set the online blogs and tech websites ringing with this one piece of news – we are launching the first dual-SIM Android phone in India. Such is the craze for dual-SIM phones in our country, and such has been the growth of Android phones of late, that this piece of news was soon repeated several times over. We felt it was interesting enough to report it – but with the usual dose of our wisdom.

The Milestone XT800 is basically a dual-mode phone; it can utilise a CDMA as well as a GSM network simultaneously. This is awesome, right? But wait – that’s NOT dual-SIM. You can say what you want, but a dual-mode handset is definitely not dual-SIM. (It is possible that this phone has two SIM slots for two separate GSM networks PLUS a CDMA radio, but no specs of this phone state that)

Introduced at an MRP of Rs. 31,999/- we feel that it is way too highly priced, when competitors with much higher specs such as the HTC Desire HD or the Samsung Galaxy S are available under the Rs. 27,000/- price mark.

Additionally, if you would take a look at the specs – OMAP 3430 550 Mhz processor, 256 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM, 3.7 inch 480x854 FWVGA capacitive touchscreen, Android 2.1 Éclair Operating System, a 5MP Autofocus camera, an HDMI output port with cable provided in the box – most of them are outdated. The current standard (soon to be outdated by 2011 Android releases) for Android phones in the around or above Rs. 25,000/- range is for the processor to be running at either 800 Mhz (HTC Desire Z, Motorola Defy) or 1 Ghz (Samsung Galaxy S, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, HTC Desire HD) and for the device to have 512 MB (Samsung Galaxy S) or more (HTC Desire HD – 768 MB).

With all the phones that Motorola has in the Indian market, there was no necessity to release this outdated, dual-mode handset in our country which loves technology, especially mobile phones. Are Indians really that unworthy of the awesomeness of the best phones that Motorola has got? We don’t think so, but your thoughts may differ – do let us know in comments below.


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