Monday, January 3, 2011


We love reading tech blogs and online “magazines”. Websites such as Engadget really are more like a daily cup of tea/coffee. The day just doesn’t get done without it. So it pains us immensely when we realise that not all that we read online is, in fact, true or verified fully. We’ve shed some light on such things before once or twice, but we’d like to talk about three “news” pieces that have taken online news blogs by storm over the past few days.

Let’s begin with the mildest one – the launch of India’s first 3G tablet. The Olivepad from Olive Telecom. Very interesting, for us. Especially since we mentioned it in our Which phone should you buy and why? article almost two months back. It shocked us to read an article posted on 2nd January, 2011, which states that Olive Telecom is launching the Olivepad at Rs. 21,000/- to undercut the price of the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Olivepad has been on sale for a few months now, and the price has dropped to the 22-23,000/- range, if you can find one in stock. We recently played around with it at a Croma store, and found it to be really pleasant to use. If you want it – buy it. It’s worth the fact that you can use it as a phone as well – coupled with a Bluetooth headset, of course. But don’t for a minute think that it’s launching now. Please.

Moving on, it was a huge SHOCK for us to read that Motorola had announced/launched the DROID 2 Global for India. For the uninformed among you, the DROID series of smartphones are high-end Android-based smartphones manufactured by HTC and Motorola solely for the Verizon Wireless network in the United States of America. Since Verizon Wireless is a CDMA-based network (like Reliance, MTS or TATA Indicom in India) Motorola and HTC release GSM-based models of these phones internationally, which may differ in a few aspects. The Motorola Milestone is the international, GSM-based version of the first DROID phone. This year, Motorola launched the DROID 2, DROID X, DROID 2 Global, DROID Pro. Of these, none have exactly equivalent international counterparts. There is an under-powered GSM version of the DROID X sold as the Milestone XT720 internationally (and in India), but there has been no Milestone 2, Milestone Pro or Milestone 2 Global. But according to several tech blogs/sites, Motorola has announced the DROID 2 Global for India. This errs on so many different levels that we felt we just had to write about it. And all these reports peg the price for this awesome high-end smartphone at Rs. 15,000/- We even found one website claiming a price of Rs. 13,500/- If you find any website/store/shop selling the DROID 2 Global smartphone for Rs. 15,000/- or less, we’ll take five, please.

To round this off, we come to the Nokia X9. There are several blogs/sites (International ones too, this time) which are reporting about the leak of an “upcoming” Nokia X9, running Symbian ^4. The alarm bells sounded when we heard of the name itself – according to Nokia’s new naming convention, the X- and E- series would have phones up till 7, such as X5, X6 and X7 or E5, E6 and E7 – but the 8 and 9 would be reserved for the high-end N-series of phones, such as the flagship N8 and the upcoming N9. This being the case, there could be no X9 in Nokia’s roadmap, atleast for the next year or so. Add to it the fact that these leaks stated that the phone was running “Symbian ^4” when Nokia’s new chief has said that we should not be focusing on Symbian ^3, Symbian ^4, or MeeGo – which many have taken to mean that Symbian ^3 would rapidly evolve into a next-gen smartphone platform, maybe even without Nokia calling it Symbian ^4. A little bit of online digging, and we found that Slashgear had reported the leak, but then sorted it out. There are two Greek chaps out there who created an imaginary phone with renders. You can read the full original post here.

This just goes to show, kids, that believing everything you read online – even from reputable sites – could end up in false hopes, dashed dreams or worse – gadget-destruction. Be cautious when you read stuff, and if something sounds unbelievable – do your research or homework. You can always drop us a mail if you’re wondering if something is true or not – we’ll do our best to clear it up for you. But don’t be fooled. Stay wise and be safe.


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