Thursday, February 3, 2011

Android Market - screenshot

So Google finally decided to unveil the curtains on the web inteface for the Android Market. If you own an Android phone, and you’ve been dying for an easy way to browse through the Market and install Apps on your phone – then your wish has been granted. The best part about the whole thing is, you can search for Apps suitable for your specific device – and also filter them by “Free” or “Paid” status. Cheapskates (like us!) don’t like paying for Apps, and searching for Apps on the phone doesn’t give any such options to filter between paid and free apps.

Another nifty little feature that we really love, is that selecting to install an App on the Market web interface pushes the app to be installed on your phone – provided your phone is connected to the Internet. This is seamless and easy – no need to mess with USB cables! Very well done, Google.


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