Tuesday, February 1, 2011


If we asked you which was the cheapest QWERTY phone on the market, and you answered with some model from Micromax, Lava Mobiles or the like – you’d be right. For example, the cheapest QWERTY phone from Lava Mobiles is the B2 (with dual SIM) for about Rs. 3500/- while Micromax has the Q1 (Rs. 1499/-), Q1+, Q2+, Q3+, Q5, Q7, and a limited IIFA edition of the Bling Q55 (Rs. 3,999/-) – all of which are under Rs. 4,000/- The fresh, hot X2-01 baby from Nokia is costlier at Rs. 3,845/- but it comes from the brand that most of us Indians trust beyond a doubt. (We must admit that the quoted price is from Flipkart, because Univercell is selling it for a costlier Rs. 3,846/- plus taxes - around Rs. 4,038/-) The Nokia India website has not yet started listing the price of the phone, which means that it is yet to be “officially” launched in our fair country. Follow us after the break for a full list of stated specifications, and some more glamorous shots of this cheap, yet perfect entry for Nokia to undercut the cheaper mobile phone manufacturers in India who are eating into Nokia’s huge market share.

This being the cheapest QWERTY phone that Nokia has ever released, we expected nothing expect a Series 40 interface slapped onto the phone and delivered – but no, we were pleasantly surprised. Check out the specs below:

  • 320x240 2.4 inch 262k colour display
  • microSD card slot with support upto 8 GB (no card included in this sales package)
  • The standard Nokia ports - 2 mm charging port, 3.5 mm headset port and microUSB for data transfer
  • Full QWERTY keyboard, with 3 soft keys, 5-way scrolling pad, Media and Messaging keys
  • A VGA (640x480) camera, which shoots video also at 15 fps VGA (640x480)
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • GPRS and EDGE connectivity (No 3G, Wi-Fi or GPS obviously!)
  • 128 MB ROM with 55 MB user storage; 64 MB RAM
  • Maximum size of .JAR Java applications that can be installed is 2 MB
  • Series 40 User Interface 6th Edition
  • Full HTML capable Nokia web browser, with Flash Lite 3.0
  • Special widget for Facebook and Twitter feeds to be shown on the homescreen

There’s also support for Ovi Contacts (for online synchronisation of your phone’s contacts, which is always useful) and Ovi Store for downloading applications and games. With regard to colours, the main front face of the phone has only two colours – Black and White. The black front is used for the Deep Grey, Azure (blue) and the Red coloured side and back highlights. The white front panel is used for the Silver and Lilac (pink) coloured side and rear highlights. Check out the press photos of the phone below (you can click them to view much, much larger images)

Nokia_X2-01_3  Nokia_X2-01_5  Nokia_X2-01_9  Nokia_X2-01_10  Nokia_X2-01_15

There is no Wi-Fi, no 3G, no GPS and most importantly, no smartphone Operating System running on this little QWERTY phone. We definitely do not recommend buying this phone if you are looking for a smartphone. Trust us, the extra money spent would be well worth it. But if you are someone looking for a decent QWERTY phone, with minimalistic features (Hey, there’s microSD support upto 8 GB, Bluetooth, EDGE connectivity and a Flash lite-enabled browser) you definitely can’t go wrong with the Nokia X2-01. We would highly highly recommend it over any QWERTY phone from Micromax, Lava, Lemon, or any other manufacturer who makes cheap QWERTY phones. Come on, you know you want to break your piggy bank which has exactly Rs. 3,845/- and go out and buy this on the sly. You don’t need to admit it – we’ll understand. Just ping us in comments below and tell us how wonderful (or not!) your experience is.


Nadim said...

Its One Of THe Best Nokia Phones

The Indian Geek said...

Thank you for your opinion, Nadim.

Other manufacturers would certainly find it hard to beat this phone with it's QWERTY-keypad and other all-rounder features. Let's see how this phone does in the market, though.


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