Monday, February 21, 2011

Sony Vaio YB India - Green 01

We mentioned the upcoming Sony Vaio YB Series in our article detailing the newly launched AMD Fusion platform, and we also were inclined to believe that Sony would take months to bring this series to India. But contrary to our beliefs, Sony has launched this series in India a full couple of weeks ago. Sony, we stand corrected – and happily look forward to more such launches at about the same time a product releases in the US. What’s more – India gets a colour that is unavailable in the US. We’ll allow a few moments for that fact to sink in. While folks in the United States wishing to buy this tiny Notebook PC would need to settle for either a sweetish Pink, or a plain White, we Indians, get the additional choice of that dazzling green that’s right up there at the start of this article. The comparison of the specs did let us down a little bit – we’ll explain why. You’re going to have to read past the break, though to get the full details.

Sony Vaio YB India - Green 01Sony Vaio YB India - Green 02Sony Vaio YB India - Green 03Sony Vaio YB India - Green 04Sony Vaio YB India - Green 05Sony Vaio YB India - Green 06Sony Vaio YB India - Pink 01Sony Vaio YB India - Pink 02Sony Vaio YB India - Pink 03Sony Vaio YB India - Pink 04Sony Vaio YB India - Pink 05Sony Vaio YB India - Pink 06Sony Vaio YB India - White 01Sony Vaio YB India - White 02Sony Vaio YB India - White 03Sony Vaio YB India - White 04Sony Vaio YB India - White 05Sony Vaio YB India - White 06

The real goodness in this unit is the AMD Fusion technology, which is fully present here – in the same capacity as the US-version. There’s the AMD E-350 Zacate APU (dual core – for CPU and GPU), the same chiclet-style spaced keyboard, a low-res integrated webcam and integrated mic, 3 USB ports, an HDMI port, a port each for microphone and speakers/headphones, VGA-out, a high-resolution 1366x768 LED-backlit display, Gigabit Ethernet with the requisite RJ-45 connector, a slot for most kinds of Memory Sticks, and another for SD cards (full-size).

Where the specs differ for the Indian version, are in three things only – but three major things. The RAM is chopped down to 2 GB from 4 GB, the Hard Drive is reduced to a 320 GB 5400 rpm drive from the 500 GB 5400 rpm drive that is standard in the US-variants, and the Operating System becomes Windows 7 Starter 32-bit, instead of Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit.

Considering that Sony Style USA sells it for $599 (plus taxes – about Rs. 28,500 or so) while Amazon USA sells it for $599 (including taxes – about Rs. 27,000 or so), and the Indian version has an MRP of Rs. 26,990/- with Sony selling it for about Rs. 26,400/- and Flipkart selling it for Rs. 26,110/- you could purchase it in the US and cart it over. It might be worth it. Especially since this particular model has an accompanying International warranty. We checked with Sony US – the US model has a valid warranty in India. So what’ll be your decision? Be sure to let us know in comments below.


Sony India website

Flipkart website

SonyStyle USA website


Ranjit said...

When there is almost no price difference in India, why you think one should purchase in US ?

The Indian Geek said...

Hello Ranjit,

Sorry for the late reply. We seem to have missed the notification for your comment somehow.

Basically, the US version has International warranty, and you can find an authorised Reseller selling it on Amazon for $550 incl. of taxes and shipping - which works out to a little over Rs. 24,000/- That's about Rs. 2,000/- less than the cheapest price currently possible in India.

Factor in the extra 2 GB RAM (US - 4 GB; India - 2 GB) and the bigger capacity hard drive (US - 500 GB; India - 320 GB) and the better Operating System (US - Win7 Home Premium; India - Win7 Home Basic) and it's a no-brainer. If you can get it in the US, please do. The unit has International warranty coverage in India.

karthikkk said...

Price in india has reduced atleast in Netnlap, where I can get it at 22600/- with some free gifts.

Not sure if price is reduced in US now..

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