Sunday, February 6, 2011

(Travails of a Non-Geek is a series that explores the meeting of technology with a self-proclaimed non-geek. Deepa Mondal contributes this guest column)

Samsung Marine B2100 Xplorer Samsung Marine B2100 Xplorer

In today's fast growing technology-buzzed world, a cell phone is an indispensable need. Two years ago, when I decided to "buy a new phone" as many of us tend to do at regular intervals in my life - I had very simple desires and needs. I didn't need a smartphone, and I certainly didn't want to spring for a high-end touchscreen phone. A television advertisement by Samsung brought my attention to the Marine B2100 Xplorer. What? You've never heard of it?! Well, read on for the very short story of how I bought it, and the not-high-end specifications (which I still love!).

This is a durable, rugged, reliable, scratch-proof, water-proof and dust-proof mobile phone. And if you possess a deep-rooted passion for dropping your cell phone (like I do) inadvertantly or deliberately, rest assured - this little phone can take it. All I had to do was see the advertisement on TV, go to a store and check out the phone - and I was in love. It was a pleasant surprise to find that this phone with pretty decent features was available at this price. I guess the phone was released around March 2008, but I'm unsure of that. Take a look at the full specifications list below :

  • It has a smallish, stylish, rugged design, available in black with red/green rubber highlights
  • The battery provides 9 hours of talk time
  • 1.3 mega-pixel rear camera
  • Video and voice recording
  • Supports microSD cards of capacity up to 8 GB
  • Can block specific numbers from receiving calls/SMS messages
  • Can handle MP3 playback
  • Mobile tracker - useful if I lose the phone
  • Flashlight, with a dedicated button
  • Bluetooth, GPRS/EDGE are standard

Samsung Marine B2100 Xplorer - Back Samsung Marine B2100 Xplorer - Side

Do you think that this is a great deal? I did. That’s why I went ahead and bought it. If you think that it is a good deal, then FYI, the Samsung Marine B2100 is still available in the market (you may have to hunt for it, though) and if you want, you can pick one up for around Rs. 3,100/- As for me, I've set my sights on the recently released Motorola Defy - a smartphone that is water-resistant, dust-proof and has scratch-proof glass - in a rugged design, running that thing that everyone calls "Android". You can buy that too, if you want a decently specc-ed smartphone with good enough features. Let me know if there are any special favourites that you have, when it comes to rugged mobile phones. Your opinions can be posted in the comments below.

Product details - Samsung website


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