Monday, March 21, 2011

Galatta Cinema - 01

Smartphones without apps are like toys which you can’t play with. Where’s the fun in that? We love the fact that there is an app for everything literally, which takes the user experience to a total new level all together. The App we’ll be looking at today is Galatta Cinema for all iOS devices – this includes iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads. This App is purely about the entertainment industry in the four South Indian states. We knew what the magazine stood for in its actual paper-and-ink form, so we had a few expectations set, and we must say that we were not disappointed at all. To find out full details of what this App has, and what it lacks – our full review awaits past the “Read More” button.

The conventional way of reading a magazine while sitting on a couch sipping coffee, is quite gone now. Only as recently as last week, Engadget ran an article that online news readership had overtaken the readership of the printed press. Welcome to this new era when you can read the same magazine in a small device, wherever you are and at your convenience. If you still have not gone green, this app might just change your view.

Galatta Cinema - 02

Though this appears just like a book to read through, it is still quite interesting. You can find this App under the Books section in the App Store. The best thing about the Galatta Cinema App right now is that the application is free for a limited time; it’s standard price is $11.99 which works out to roughly Rs. 540/- Once the App is downloaded, you will be able to read the current month’s edition of the magazine. The App requires iOS 3.0 or later, so good news for the people still using the good old iPhone 3G.

Galatta Cinema - 03

The premise of the App is simple – it is a page-for-page replica of the actual Galatta Cinema magazine that you can buy in newsstands across South India. The App offers two methods of navigating through the content. You could either flip through the pages like a regular magazine, or directly access a specific page and read it individually. Both navigation methods are interesting and useful, depending upon what you are looking for. The loading time might be too slow for you to get your must-have South Indian cinema fix, if you are using an EDGE/GPRS connection, but over Wi-Fi or 3G, the 100-odd pages can be a pure delight to access. The main fact that should be appreciated is that the content maintained is in it’s original format i.e it looks like the magazine within a phone. Kudos for that to the developers, as it gives you the familiar ease of reading the magazine. Unfortunately, the App doesn’t support the landscape mode just yet but we are not complaining. Trust us, this is not just a PDF document that you would be carrying around on your phone; it’s all the news and articles related to the South Indian entertainment industry in your hand. The super cool thing about the App is that it supports multi-touch for zooming in or out, and it works great in the app. This is nice if you want to take a closer look at that news article about an upcoming film, or check out the dimple on an actor’s face (or actress’s – we won’t judge). The quality of the display content earns a perfect 5/5 rating, as each page from the magazine seems to have been scanned in high quality. The screenshots from the iPad version of the App available on the App Store are testament to that.

Galatta Cinema - 04

The main aspect that we are thrilled about is that the Galatta Cinema magazine which is currently available as a magazine in South India, is now globally accessible. It’s high time that Indian press and media start delivering Apps to access their content on a variety of platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry. Just a heads-up – Galatta Cinema is focussed on the four South Indian states, but it also has a mix of articles on Bollywood and Hollywood. So the App slots in as a package of round the world entertainment. If you read magazines and are interested in film news, gossip about actors, page 3 entertainment - this is for you (provided you have an iOS device running iOS 3.0 and above). Without a doubt, if you are straddling a wall wondering if you should download it, we suggest that you go ahead and download it right away when it’s free. You can worry about whether you really need it later. If you are an iPad user and still have not got this, do it now if you want to see some high-quality South Indian entertainment news and glamour splashed all over that 9.7 inch display; this is one “offer” that you would not want to miss.

Update: We pinged our contact at Dot Com Infoway to check about updates to the App, and learned that monthly updates would occur from within the installed App itself, but we're still unclear as to whether there would be additional charges. We were also happy to learn that they are working on bringing updates and features to the App which would extend its functionality to beyond a mere reproduction of the Galatta Magazine App. There is an Android version of the App available, and we've added the Market link below.

iTunes App Store link – Galatta Cinema for iOS

Android Market link - Galatta Cinema for Android


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