Monday, March 28, 2011

Eldar Murtazin's status

Okay, there’s no official word out yet, but when Eldar Murtazin tweets that the coveted black and green hues of Android 2.3 would be hitting the HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S and some other (unnamed) HTC phones – you better believe it. A somewhat-unspecific “next week” is all we’ve got for now, which places the update landing any date between 28th March to 8th April, but if you’re stuck on Android 2.2 on any of these devices then this is very good news. With regard to India, we don’t really know when the updates would hit us – but seeing that devices which are not tied to carriers get these updates faster (usually), you should be seeing these updates soon. Keep your eyes open and keep refreshing your HTC Sync or Samsung Kies software to check for updates, will you? Thanks.

Source: Twitter


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