Wednesday, March 16, 2011

IE 9 - The Indian Geek website

Internet Explorer 9 is finally here. Microsoft has released its latest version of the most popular browser with much publicity and high expectations. Internet Explorer 9 is not just an improved version of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), but completely new from the ground up. The new browser is certainly faster, has a clean interface (just check our screenshot above), supports a wide range of HTML5 features, and has a lot of emphasis on graphics and GPU acceleration. The “pinned sites” feature is something that we have used, and it goes great with Windows 7.

So far, Internet Explorer has been popular only because it comes along with Windows. IE's reputation for running into issues has pushed users towards its two biggest competitors - Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, both of which are also rolling out new versions within the next few days. Time will tell if Microsoft's new browser can redeem the Internet Explorer name and keep us from looking to the competitors for a good web browser.

The final version of Internet Explorer 9 became available yesterday. You can download it at Those still using the good old trusty Windows XP Operating System are out of luck though - IE9 is for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users only.


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