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Tata Sky+ HD

Tata Sky is not a new name to Indians. It is a well-known brand in the DTH (Direct-To-Home) television business. Some people we’ve seen even use the Tata Sky name to refer to DTH services/boxes. Being one of the very first in the Indian DTH market, Tata Sky had captured quite a bit of the market share early on along with Dish TV. Airtel and Sun were quite late to the scene. Then Tata Sky introduced the Tata Sky Plus a few years ago. Priced initially at around Rs. 8,999/- it was monstrous. Geeks who were using Windows Media Center for their normal Tata Sky action found nothing spectacular about the Plus service - hey, we had tonnes of hard drive space to record whatever we wanted and whenever we wanted. Now, in February 2011, Tata Sky has gone on to completely stop the Plus box, instead unleashing the HD Plus service as one package. Priced at Rs. 3,999/- (at the time of writing), is this Tata Sky+ HD unit worth it? We spent a week in using it, playing with it, trying out some scenarios - and our full review awaits you just past the Read More link.

Tata Sky Remotes 01 Tata Sky Remotes 03 Tata Sky  HD 02 - Discovery HD Tata Sky  HD 03 - Discovery HD Tata Sky  HD 07 - National Geographic HD Tata Sky  HD 08 - National Geographic HD Tata Sky  HD 09 - Star Plus HDTata Sky  HD 11 - Star Plus HD Tata Sky  HD 13 - Settings - Picture Tata Sky  HD 14 - Settings - Picture Tata Sky  HD 15 - Settings - HD options Tata Sky  HD 16 - Settings - Sound output Tata Sky  HD 17 - Settings - Recorder settings Tata Sky  HD 18 - Live TV Catchup PromptTata Sky  HD 19 - TV Guide - HD channels Tata Sky  HD 21 - VH1 Tata Sky  HD 23 - Star Movies Tata Sky  HD 24 - Available Sports channels Tata Sky  HD 25 - Available HD channels Tata Sky  HD 26 - Satellite Dish Tata Sky  HD 30 - Satellite Dish clamp

Click on any of the images above to open the full-size image in a new window.

Hardware - Design, look and feel

Tata Sky  HD 08

As we noted in our hands-on and first impressions post, the box looks and feels premium. Even when compared to the standard Tata Sky+ box. We remember our first impressions when we got our first ever standard Tata Sky box - it felt like cheap tin sheet folded into a box. This new Tata Sky+ HD box feels premium from the word go. Sadly, we can’t say the same for the provided remote. It does look better than the standard Tata Sky remote, but there’s a slightly roughish back (the battery cover, basically) which feels odd. You tend to forget about this as you get used to it, but it brings back a slightly weird feeling every now and then, when using the remote. While this would not be a bother for most, if you want perfection from every aspect of this box, sorry - you’re going to have to look elsewhere or manage with a different remote (such as a Universal remote, or a PC hooked up with a Media Center Remote).

Tata Sky  HD 26 - Satellite Dish

The satellite receiver dish is a completely different case when compared to the remote, though. It’s so stylish that we wouldn’t mind installing it inside our house. Even a non-geeky lady thought it looked “really nice”. But why take our words? Peek the pictures below to convince yourselves of that.

Connectivity options

Tata Sky  HD 21

The picture above’s obvious. We’ll state it though - the Tata Sky+ HD has got the full range of connectivity options. Starting with the RF output for the most backward of TVs possible, we’ve got composite output, component output, HDMI output (how else did you expect to get HD video?!) and S/PDIF output for the audio-philes amongst you. We didn’t get to test the S/PDIF output since we don’t have the necessary equipment to do that, but we tested everything else under the sun that provided output from the Tata Sky+ HD box. All the provided output options work as expected. The RF output did exhibit a good amount of lag in the interface (presses on the remote button took a good number of seconds to actually register) when we hooked up the unit to a TV tuner card in a PC, while using the Windows Media Center. Since the number of people who are using Windows Media Center who would really need a DVR/PVR capable DTH set is minimal to non-existent, this really shouldn’t matter. We should note though, that the unit has two coaxial cables from the satellite dish to the box; one is for each of the two tuners present in the box. This enables you to watch one channel while recording another, or record one channel while pausing another, or record two channels simultaneously. A word of caution, based on our testing of these two inputs to the box. The main viewing channel seems to be the connection to the port marked 2 at the back of the box. If the other cable is not connected (marked as 1) or if it is likely damaged in some way, and you ask the Tata Sky+ HD box to record a show, there is nothing to indicate that the recording isn’t happening. The tiny ‘R’ with a circle shows up in the TV guide, and everything looks fine on the recording front. But access the Recorded shows later, and you see that this show did not record due to unknown reasons. Unlike us, you guys aren’t going to actually disconnect the second cable (seriously, why would you?!) but think of situations like if the cable is loose, damaged or something like that. Since this is not the primary TV viewing channel, you wouldn’t have a clue. Realisation would dawn upon you only when you try accessing your favourite TV show, or sports match or news segment from the recorded section - it just won’t be there. Tata Sky really should have some sort of setting to tell you that it can’t record a show, when it can’t. Why does the box indicate that it is recording when it isn’t? Big mistake.

For those who are wondering about the two ports at the back of the box that we failed to mention, we’d like to state that our feverish tech-dreams of an utopia of home-networked HD-DVR goodness were squashed when we found out that the USB port and the network port are for “future use” only.

Tata Sky+ HD interface

Tata Sky  HD 19 - TV Guide - HD channels

As mentioned in the previous section, the interface lagged terribly when hooked up via RF to a PC. Direct connectivity to a TV had no issues though. The TV Guide interface seems way more improved than the first edition of Tata Sky boxes; but still displays way too much detail, especially when compared to Windows Media Center. We’re fans of minimalistic, useful design. That’s efficient. We hate onscreen clutter - and this brings along a lot of it. Although, we’re yet to see an Indian DTH provider give a service with an uncluttered interface, so we don’t know what you’ll do if you don’t like clutter like us. Perhaps, you’ll have to not buy any DTH box at all, and rely on your local cable-wallah to provide the necessary TV entertainment, with Windows Media Center filling in for the DVR/PVR duties. That’s your decision. Apart from this minor gripe, we like the interface for the wealth of options it provides. The TV guide is quite lacking (more on that in our Plus section below) but we found it quite easy to move around and find channels that we wanted to watch. There are basic configuration options for the display and sound, and the screenshots below of these options should give you folks an idea of the options. We think it’s the right mix for the people who don’t want to mess around too much in the settings, and for the enthusiasts who will always want to stride ahead with the latest and the greatest of everything. Seriously - we really didn’t need to get into settings to do anything; even when we switched from the PC to the HDTV. The Tata Sky+ HD box automatically reconfigured itself to display in a 16:9 format, and display HD content in the highest possible 1080i format (there are also 720p and 576p formats). We didn’t have to change anything in the settings. So the basic settings are there if you need some tweaking; but you really don’t need to get into that.

Slicker than the interface provided by the Tata Sky+ HD unit on your TV is the seemingly invisible LED panel hidden behind the front plate of the box unit. We just like the fact that none of the LEDs are protruding. Fans of the push-button generation may find it weird that there are no buttons on the unit; you must use the remote. This could present problems if your remote’s batteries decide to give up completely during an intense cricket match, and the doorbell rings; your pause button isn’t going to work. So be warned - and prepared, with an extra set of batteries for the remote. The LED panel on the box is good-looking. There is the standard red LED that lights up when a keypress is detected from the remote - so that you’re not left wondering if the unit actually registered the keypress. There is a super-cool circular blue animation which lights up when you pause live TV. The blue circle rotates mildly forward when playing back either paused (trying to catch up to live) TV, or while playing back recorded TV content. During fast-forward or rewind, the circular blue animation rotates faster. Just don’t expect it to rotate in time with the speed at which you’re fast-forwarding or rewinding (which could be anything from 2x to 30x). Now, since the blue circle keeps rotating as long as you’re watching paused (trying to catch up with live) TV, if you’re watching TV in complete darkness, this animation stands out like a bright distraction. Definitely something to take care of, by either placing the Tata Sky+ HD unit away from the TV, or by turning it slightly away or by some other ingenious method that you folk can think up. Whatever it is, that sweet and nice-looking blue circular animation is going to keep all your non-live TV content, company.

HD quality and available channels

Tata Sky  HD 13 - Settings - Picture

The HD quality of the few available HD channels are good. Especially so with the Discovery Channel and National Geographic channels. The Star Plus HD channel is most-definitely being upscaled by Tata Sky and being broadcast; or, the TV shows are not being shot or broadcast in high-enough quality. There’s a clear difference when shifting from either Discovery or National Geographic to Star Plus. Don’t get us wrong - the higher-resolution does provide way better clarity than what Tata Sky’s normal offering provides for this channel. But it simply doesn’t feel worth it. (For the curious readers, we’re comparing our impressions of these channels with our impressions of 1080p Blu-Ray rips of The Dark Knight, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Pirates of the Caribbean series and a 1080i rip of The Matrix) We love watching Discovery and National Geographic from time to time, and we can imagine the pleasure that our eyes would get out of watching these two channels in high-def. It’s a treat.

Sadly, the best feature of the Tata Sky+ HD unit, the HD channels, is also its worst. The number of HD channels leaves a lot to be desired. With the extra Rs. 30 that you’re expected to pay over and above the standard charges for the various channel “packs” just for the HD channels, you’re going to have to think hard and long - do you really want to pay all that for two real HD channels? Sure, cricket’s available in HD till the end of the world cup. But that is also upscaled; it’s better than normal quality - but not true HD. And it’s not for more than a month or so more, anyway. What we’d like to see, is one or two channels in every channel “pack” being upgraded to HD. Say, 1 film and 1 entertainment channel each from the English pack, the Hindi pack, the South Regional pack. Then, throw in a HD Sports channel, and Discovery and National Geographic for free. Why should HD subscribers pay more every month? They’re paying extra initial costs, as it is. We don’t get it at all. What HD is here is good; but there’s too little of it that you’re soon left aching and anguishing for more. For what it's worth, we've got a nice little video of Discovery HD, viewed in 1080i resolution, but we were able to capture it only in 720p. Check it out below.

The Plus factor - Digital Video Recorder

Tata Sky  HD 18 - Live TV Catchup Prompt

Before we say anything else, we have to say this - recording a show using the Tata Sky+ HD unit is as easy as pressing a button. Literally. No mess-ups, or misses here. If you simply want the joy of hitting the Record button to record content whenever you like, please go out and buy one of these units.

We did have our own personal hang-ups with this, though. If you switch to a channel at 7:05 pm, and see that a show that you wanted to watch has started, and you select it to be recorded from the guide - the unit is not wise enough to figure out that the show has started; it still ends up recording that channel for the next 1 hour (if the show was a one hour show, like ours - we recorded an episode of Burn Notice on Star World). So you get five minutes extra of whatever is coming on that channel, next. Recording a channel while watching another works without any issues and it was as easy as pie. The same goes for recording a channel and simultaneously pausing Live TV on another channel; you can then rewind, fast-forward and do all sorts of things with the paused Live TV channel while your recording happens in the background. We found the blue animation cool enough to shoot a short video; view it below.

Pausing live TV gives you a handy timer at the top-right (apart from the previously mentioned, cool-looking blue circular animation displayed on the box itself) of the TV screen, which keeps count of the time lapsed between the paused state of the channel and Live TV. It’s a really nice touch, and worthy of mention. Also worthy of mention is the fact that this timer disappears after a few seconds, leaving your TV screen uncluttered from another corner-item that could become annoying. Try fast-forwarding too much when watching paused TV, and you get a “Catch up to Live TV?” prompt, indicating that you’ve fast-forwarded as much as modern-day television would allow.

Coming to one of the (supposedly) biggest strengths of the Plus factor - Series link. Basically, series link is supposed to automatically figure out when the next episode in a series is going to be broadcast, and record all episodes in a series - while intelligently skipping repeat telecasts. We say “supposedly” because it didn’t work. The TV Guide seems to be accurate for many shows, while completely off-target for other shows. The wife of this author has a penchant for catching up with that mildly famous comedy-drama, Sasuraal Genda Phool, everyday. Wouldn’t it be nice if Tata Sky+ could just record the series? She needn’t have to sit and wait for the time, or make sure the TV is on that channel, etc. Big mistake. According to the TV Guide, there were three show-times per day for this series. 05:30 pm, 07:00pm and 08:00am. Any follower of the series could tell you that none of these are the actual show times for the series. Being the hopeful reviewers that we are, we still went ahead with setting up the series link recording for Sasuraal Genda Phool. All three times recorded some other TV shows. Basically, this also presents a problem for watching live TV - the TV Guide is inaccurate. By a good margin. If the TV Guide can’t correctly predict when one of the emerging and hot TV shows is going to be aired on a channel that’s part of the HD package (Star Plus) - then it is completely useless, in our opinion. Of course, the TV Guide was bang-on-target for all English film and entertainment channels (as far as we could see). So it could be an issue with the information provided by the channel - either way, the viewers (you folk) suffer.

Other nifty features

Tata Sky  HD 24

Here’s something we simply had to test - you can disconnect the unit from it’s satellite cables, and it can still be used. We just had to let you know this - if some crazy folk are out there who would sit and record tonnes of films, and then would feel like carting around the box with an HDMI cable to access those recorded films anywhere, then yes - it’s possible. You’ll need to bring along the remote as well, though. It should also be great to hack and do all sorts of nonsensical things (every single one of which could void your warranty and support for the thing – so be warned) which could provide good use to that network and USB ports.

Counter-intuitive button labels/actions

Okay, don’t kill us in the comments. We just tend to like certain things at a minimum level of perfection. It stumps us that a company which can release such nice hardware/software combination could overlook certain basics. If you’re used to a Tata Sky Plus, you’re probably used to such things. We weren’t; and these were the counter-intuitive actions that we had to perform. Many of them aren’t much; you can get used to them with the second time round or something like that. But we felt that they were worth mentioning in a product that you’re expected to plop down Rs. 3,999/- for. We should note that these counter-intuitive actions could be easily battled by reading the provided User Guide; but like most non-geeks, we tried to work the whole thing without reading the manual - to provide you all a glimpse of how it feels like.

  • The combined Play/Pause button makes us think that you could press anywhere to play or pause - but that’s not the case. The top half of the button is play, the bottom half is paused.
  • The “Plan” button is used to view recorded content. Not just schedule recordings. Trust us, we were hunting all over the remote for a button labelled something like “Recorded” or “DVR” or “PVR”. This was a problem the second-time around as well, as we forgot what the button was called. But this time around, we knew we had to look for a button that was NOT labelled Recorded and which did no other useful action for the unit.
  • The “Home” button doesn’t take you to the main interface, or the home interface - at least, what we would expect to be the home interface, the place from which you could access all the settings and configuration of the unit. The Home button instead takes you to an interface showing the messages that Tata Sky has been kind enough to send to your STB. (Hello annoying little yellow mail icon!)
  • The grouping of channels in the TV Guide is slightly misleading. For example, inside “Movies”, all Film channels are displayed first. Then some other channels start getting listed. So it seems more like prioritised sections, rather than actual categories of channels, although the Sports category was listing only Sports channels - so we don’t know what was going on.

Final thoughts

We cannot, with a clear conscience, advise every reader out there to go ahead and shell out the cost of an Apple iPod Shuffle (and then some) to buy the Tata Sky+ HD unit. We definitely do see that it will have some takers - the ones who are super-crazy about HD-quality content for their HD-capable TVs, and the ones who are super-crazy about National Geographic and Discovery. Or maybe Sports fans for the Cricket World Cup, too. This unit might also be worth it, if you’d rather die than miss certain events (such as the Oscars which are broadcast live at the unearthly hour of 6 AM) and would like to record them. However, the list of misses are many that we don’t see the unit being extremely beneficial to the standard consumer. If you’re already hooked up with Windows Media Center, the Rs. 3,999/- price is prohibitive. Factor in the extra monthly charges, and you’re definitely better off with your current connection from the local cable-wallah.

While the available HD content does look very good, the lack of more such content is a show-stopper. So if you’re buying the Tata Sky+ HD unit, you should be able to justify the asking price of the unit plus monthly charges by the sum total of all its other features - if not, you’re wasting your money.

We thank Samuel Santhoshkumar for contributing to various portions of this review.


rupesh chawdhary said...

Thanks for the detailed review.Upgraded mine to Tata Sky HD last week.Very much satisfied with the product.

The Indian Geek said...

Thanks for stopping by, Rupesh.

We're glad that you like the Tata Sky+ HD unit. Watch out for more such reviews in future from our website.

Kishore Kumar said...

I have a doubt.
I am planning to buy a HD monitor 24" and connect tata HD STB thro HDMI cable.
Can you tell me whether this will give good quality picture and how abt sound?

Thanks in advance.

The Indian Geek said...

Hello Kishore,

We're glad that you read our review and decided to clear your confusion by voicing your query.

A 24 inch full HD monitor has way higher pixel density than a 32 or 40 inch full HD TV. This can be good or bad, depending upon your usage. If you plan to sit very close to the TV/monitor for regular use, then the monitor would be the better option. If you plan to sit about 5-10 feet away from the TV/monitor, then please consider purchasing a TV. The lower pixel density makes it easier to view things from afar. There are plenty of monitor options out there, with many manufacturers such as HP and Dell providing low-end, budget-oriented full HD monitors and high-end, excellent quality full HD monitors as well. Which one you get would need to be decided upon after considering how deep your pocket is.

With respect to output audio, a TV should generally provide better audio output from HDMI. All monitors may not have the requisite audio-out capabilities via built-in speakers, but they should have line-out jacks to allow you to hook up your own set of speakers. Again, you would need to decide upon the required setup after deciding upon whether you would be purchasing a monitor or a TV, and then looking at your overall budget for the setup.

We hope this helps. If you want to de-mystify some of the specs that manufacturers tout for their displays, this article from our Assembled series will be of use -

Thanks for stopping by!


I got CRT with HD ready(1080i) but it doesn't have HDMI port. Does the tata sky+ HD outputs 1080i on component video?

Taniket Mehra said...

i bought tata sky+ HD a week ago
i am planning to buy a 42" full HD lcd
my brother lives in poland and i am telling him to buy the lcd for me he suggested me
HANNSPREE SJ42DMBB is it a good option for an full hd tv
PLEASE HELP????!!!!!!!!!!!

The Indian Geek said...


As far as we know, any HD source cannot output HD 720p/1080i/1080p via the component video output port.

Thanks for stopping by, and for commenting.

The Indian Geek said...

Hello Taniket,

We are not aware of this TV and so, cannot suggest anything regarding the same. Due to the cost of LCD/LED TVs, we would suggest purchasing them in India until and unless you have it explicitly from the manufacturer that warranty coverage would be available in India.

Thanks for stopping by our website!

Kishore Ajwani said...

Hi! You know it's funny but I experienced better picture quality of the non-HD channels in my standard TataSky box which I changed with a HD+ last wee. It shows in 42-inch LCD (mine is LG Scarlet). Their engineers agree too! They changed my box with another one but the same problem persists. The HD channels are fine but the non-HD ones go one level down in quality.

The Indian Geek said...

That's really weird and quite interesting to know, Kishore. Thanks! We really didn't look at that during our review, as we were all for checking out the HD and PVR/DVR features of the Tata Sky+ HD unit.

Thank you for sharing that with us.


Thanks for the reply. Are you saying component video doesn't support HD? As per wikipedia it supports HD
"Component video is capable of carrying signals such as 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, and 1080p."

Subhro Biswas said...

Thanks for the explecit review.Currently I am using a normal Airtel STD and am planning to switch to a HD DVR one.But,I am really in a fix whether to go for Airtel or TataSky (keeping in mind that Tata Sky is offering 6 HD channels vis-a-vis 3 from Airtel). I would be glad if you can that the best choice to go for ?

arnab goswan said...

yes kishore u r very right .

The Indian Geek said...

Thanks Arnab, for confirming that!

The Indian Geek said...

Thank you for stopping by our website, Subhro.

Your query is one that many Indians have in mind. With that thought, we put together this little comparison:

Hope it helps!

The Indian Geek said...

Sorry - we missed that. We haven't heard of anyone obtaining a 1080i/p signal over component video.

Jai Prakash Reddy T said...

Hi Kishore,
I am using a HD monitor (Acer 23") connected thru HDMI and it works fine for HD channels but for SD channels, it's a bit blurred( but I guess that is also the case with LCD/LED TVs due to the compression done by the DTH providers to save bandwidth).
For sound I used a AV-to-EP convertor cable and connected my computer speakers with sub woofer(Altec Lansing ).
Both sound and picture (HD) performance is excellent.

Karan Chaphekar said...

 the man is obbsesed with media center, can you please make a how to on that kind of setup with tata sky, but at the end you wont get program guide and series record , it think so

Raghavendra Anand said...

Hi Guys,
Last week I switched to HD + from Plus. I'm quite impressed with the quality of both HD and SD. Yes, there is quite a difference between the two type. But HD is too good both in terms of Pic and sound. I have an LG LCD HD ready only and an onkyo home theater system. The sound quality is true Dolby Digital in all channels.
Let me tell you one thing. Most of us should understand what type of connections (cable) that we are using to connect the systems (TV, home Theater and setup box). The cables really make lot of difference.
All these days with my old setup box I was using component connection. Initially I was not at all happy with the quality. I was comparing my DVD (on HDMI). Then I decided to invest on some good cables (component and audio), I went for MX brand cable (Rs: 600+), the change in quality was a big diff, I had reduce the all my earlier setting (color, contrast, etc) on my TV (because each channel is different). Now with HDMI also I have not used the cable provided by Tata, it’s not so good, using Panasonic (Rs 2K) there is lot of difference.
Coming to audio; to watch Star Movies or even Cricket I switch to Onkyo because there is lot of difference, I really enjoy.
Let me tell you about the connections again, from the setup box I have two types of connections. 1: Fiber optic 2: digital coax, both are excellent when compared to normal red and white cable provided by tata or that has come along with your TV. Just to test I used both type of cables – after my tests I’m using only fiber.
By default all SD channels have normal stereo sound when played on my home theater, major difference is when I switch to HD channels then I can notice the display on Onkyo changing to dolby digital, of course the quality is as good as playing an original DVD.
The cricket picture quality is good and sound is awesome. I see one problem with audio (not because of tatasky) and the problem is the dolby mixing is not at all good. When the commentators start talking there is a switch in sound quality and as soon they stop then you feel like you are in the stadium with all sounds coming from different directions.
Last month I was in UK and have seen Sky broadcast and now using tatasky, I see very less/no difference. In my opinion we are getting international quality broadcast. Only difference is our TV channel broadcasters are using old/low quality equipment’s which makes all the difference (among all worst is the SUN channels), because of the broadcasters even the best TV available will be of no use.
I’m impressed with Tatasky, waiting for more channels specifically Movies Now.

cool said...


Mayur Muralidhar said...

Correction: ANY HD video source can output FULL HD (1080i/p) through a component cable. I have a LG LCD TV (42LG50FE). I connected my tata sky + HD to it and the TV says that it is recieving 1080p video. When i changed the output resolution to 576i, the TV says it's recieving 576i.

Nitesh Alag said...

Tata Sky HD + provides you all required cables. No need to purchase from outside.

Nikhil M said...

Thanks for the in-depth review. I have a samsung 46inch 3D HD LED tv, and am comparison shopping for a DTH provider for the best viewing experience (that offers HD and 3D-ready). Is tata sky+ still the best option for me? (I was considering Videocon). Also, I have heard Tata Sky has major issues with rain and signal quality (from other online posts). Do you know anything about this? (I am from Goa and it rains heavily where I am located)

satindra said...

Subject  :- Pathetic Experience
for TATA Sky (DTH)

This is to inform you that I am having
TATA Sky DTH Connection since November 2011. Set top box
is not working from 13th Jan 2012 & from same day i have
been calling Customer care on daily basis that we need same to be replace
or get it started again. Everyday they inform will send technician till
evening. but no body turned at our address even after regular followup
for more than 20 to 25 times .I need this issue to be resolved in day or
two or have to take support from consumer forum.

During time of sale everything has been
assured we will be given fast service and we can contact sales person also
any time. But once the things are installed nobody is responsible for the
same. Customer has been always taken for granted.

Billing Name : satindra Rawat

Contact No.:-9724824558


The Indian Geek said...

Dear Satindra,

Thank you for stopping by our website and leaving your comment. We are sorry for your experience with Tata Sky; however, as The Indian Geek is in no way affiliated with Tata Sky, we're pretty sure that there is not much that we can do to resolve your query.

Please continue your attempts to contact Tata Sky.

The Indian Geek.


I have a TATA sky HD+ with recording facility, just wanted to confirm whether the recorded programme be transferred to my laptop or desktop... SUNIL BANDEL  (

Abhishek Nama said...

This review was super fun to read. Thank you very much, You have a new fan. :D

Sachin Choudary said...

Sir  i have a 32' hd ready LCD. and i have plan to by HD DTH. i confused the impact of HD coming on HD Ready LCD???????????????/

Satish Patel said...

I am planning to buy Tata Sky with HD Recorder. Does the issue mentioned by Arnab and Kishore resolved? I am asking because most of channels which I am going to watch are non-HD.


The other day i was going thru the specifications of Hauppage Colossus 01414 TV tuner card and it says it can record HD signals from Satellite Dish such as Tatasky HD+ and it also further says that it records only the un-uncypted signals, Just wanted to confirm whether the 
Tatasky HD+ signals are encrypted or an un-
encrypted one. So that i can make decision whether to purchase the 
Hauppage Colossus 01414 TV tuner card or not.
Any help on this would be appreciated. (

gnana murugan said...

No its not

gnana murugan said...

Hi suni did u got any about TS+HD with Colossus ? as component out is only output SD, It useless to record through Component. HDMI in TS+ is HDCP encrypted?

gnana murugan said...

Component can support till 1080i(HD), but Tatasky has disabled to HD out through component because content owners had requested the Tatasky to disable the HD over component

King Bhargav said...

Tata Sky+HD is very good. But, can you please tell me the T.V unit which you used for the review...? I saw the label of a SONY television and I'm curious to know the model. Can you please let me know...?

prasanta said...

hello tata sky,
i bought tata sky+ HD a week ago.Actually if i wants to record instantly then recording properly going on but if i wants to schedule record then some problem arises ....

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