Monday, April 4, 2011

Maslow's Pyramid - the Geek 2.0 version

A friend sent us this post on the Digital Inspiration blog (Illustration courtesy @loulouk via O’Reilly) which we just couldn’t let go of without trying to see if the thoughts here align with ours. Feel free to pitch in with your own thoughts about this “redesigned” pyramid in the Comments section.

The pyramid tries to indicate how much of a “true” geek one is. As the pyramid goes higher up though, many of us prefer other things - we’ve no burning desire to speak at TED or write for O’Reilly, while some of the points in the lowest levels of the pyramid ring true. The peak geek experiences for some of us would be to simply work for a great company (which many of us already do), in one of their fancy offices. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to see The Indian Geek being at the peak of someone’s Pyramid of Needs. Really.


Thanks to Terry Thomas for pointing us toward the original post.


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