Saturday, April 23, 2011

USB Plasma Globe Light - TIG Giveaway #1

The summer is upon us, and the fourth season of the IPL is in full swing. We, at The Indian Geek, think that this is the perfect time to unleash a free giveaway on our readers. Really – it’s true, you have the opportunity to get that USB Plasma Globe light for free. No catch or hidden print here. We do have a few disclaimers and stipulations. Also, we haven’t yet told you how to win it, have we? All these details await you past the “Read More” link below along with one more photo and a very short video of the plasma light in action.

USB Plasma Globe Light - TIG Giveaway #1

How to participate

  1. Basically, you need to come up with a slogan/tagline/catch-phrase for The Indian Geek. Need pointers? Think Indian. Think Geek.
  2. There are three ways of participating, after coming up with the slogan/tagline/catch-phrase for us. Firstly, you could start following us on Twitter and tweet the slogan/tagline/catch-phrase with the hashtag #TIG1 . In case you don’t have a Twitter account, you could “Like” us on Facebook AND leave a comment on this post with your slogan/tagline/catch-phrase. If the likes of both Twitter and Facebook are too scary for you, please feel free to email us at admin-tig1 [at] theindiangeek [dot] com with the slogan/tagline/catch-phrase that you’ve come up with. Note: Following us on Twitter AND liking us on Facebook will not disqualify you from the contest. However, commenting on this post AND tweeting your slogan on Twitter would.
  3. The contest ends at 23:59 IST on 20th May, 2011. Yes, you’ve plenty of time to come up with a nice slogan/tagline/catch-phrase.
  4. All contest entries become the property of The Indian Geek as soon as you send them in using one of the three methods suggested in point number 2 above; you (or anyone else) cannot lay claim to it.
  5. Slogans/taglines/catch-phrases that use existing content or trademarked terms would be automatically disqualified.


  • If you submit multiple entries, all your entries would be disqualified.
  • You must be residing in India to participate, with a valid Indian address which can be reached by courier agencies.
  • Family and relatives of the people behind The Indian Geek are not allowed to participate.
  • The product that is displayed here would be provided as is; no warranty/guarantee/replacement queries would be entertained by The Indian Geek. Basically, once we ship it to the winner, if it works – it works. (For the curious, it currently works fine – as can be evidenced in the photos and the video)
  • The Indian Geek cannot and will not entertain any queries related to providing cash in lieu of the free giveaway that we are giving away.
  • After the contest is over, The Indian Geek will select a winner at our sole discretion. The winner will be contacted once per day for three days. If there is no response via phone/email, we will have to select another winner. We may not announce the winner on our website.
  • All rules and stipulations are subject to change without any notice, at the sole discretion of The Indian Geek.


Ta'fxkz said...

Alright since i stand disallowed from entering i will further disqualify myself with this comment, but i will guess you guys might want to take it as positive feedback

How to participate point# 4
All contest entries become the property of The Indian Geek as soon as you send them in using one of the three methods suggested in point number 2 above; you (or anyone else) cannot lay claim to it.

Legally a previous copyright holder DOES lay claim to it, if your lawyer did his or her homework you would add a clause that states that submitters are liable for any damages and legal fees that arise from such a scenario.

Now here is where i am disappointed in TIG for this bait and snare tactic, for starters it apes practices and principles that are both old school and hugely reeks of oppressive Corporate BullTalk (CBT), in slanted contracts.

My suggestion is that while you endeavor to build your brand uniquely you might want to consider more open practices. Where and how you draw your lines are entirely up to you, personally as an artist who goes the Creative Commons route - you have lost me, maybe i am not the brand of geek you are aiming to attract; maybe this is too trivial a thung but i had to say what i had to say.

The Indian Geek said...

Thanks for your input, Ta'fxkz. We are a relatively small group, and would rather keep ourselves safe from possible future legal wrangles.

Point 5 clearly states that any existing content would be disqualified. Point number 4 is for qualified entries only. We think that this suffices.


Martin Liiskmaa said...

please theindiangeek i want win plasma globe.i will like you every day.please

Martin Liiskmaa said...

every time i gome here i will like you

Martin Liiskmaa said...

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)!!!!!!!!

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