Thursday, April 21, 2011

Apple Magic Trackpad - Two finger multi-touch

Apple made popular the idea of multitouch trackpads on their MacBooks in 2005. While this lets you do a lot of operations using fun gestures and movements of you fingers, the one used the most is the ability to scroll with two fingers. PC users were not left behind for too long, as some laptop manufacturers added the feature to their newer Windows laptops as well.

So what about the rest of us who still have our trusted old Windows laptops without any fancy multitouch trackpads? Well, if your laptop has a Synaptics touchpad, you’re in luck. There is a tiny free application very appropriately named TwoFingerScroll, that lets you do exactly what its name suggests. Click the “Read More” button below, and we’ll take you through the basics.

First, you’ll need to check if your laptop has a Synaptics TouchPad. Open the Mouse settings from your Control Panel. Since this window will not look the same on all laptops, you’ll have to just look around and see if it says ‘Synaptics TouchPad’ anywhere. If it does, download the newest version of TwoFingerScroll from here - The application is less than 300KB and needs no installation. Extract the file and run the program. That’s it! There should be a new icon in the system tray. If you wish, you can customize your settings from there.

Mouse properties

While there are a few other applications that let you do this, TwoFingerScroll is the easiest and smallest one. It is so small and light that it will not slow down even the oldest of laptops. It runs flawlessly on Windows XP as well as Windows 7. If you do happen to have a multi-touch trackpad, please don’t install this software - your laptop manufacturer should be able to guide you in installing the appropriate drivers and in configuring the settings to enable two finger scrolling without this extra software.


Jobin Thomas said...

I have a the HP Envy and it has got 2-finger scrolling. But you can't compare it with macbooks. Those who use macs, they won't be able to use this touchpad at all for.

The Indian Geek said...

Thanks for your feedback, Jobin. MacBooks with a glass multi-touch trackpad are very easy to use, we agree.

But even badly-done two finger-scrolling is better than no two-finger scrolling. :)

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