Saturday, August 20, 2011

Editor's Desk

A big hello to all you readers of The Indian Geek.

If you’ve been following The Indian Geek, you’ve probably been wondering where we’ve disappeared for the past several months - while the tech world has been racing forward, there have been no posts from our side at all. Real Life has been keeping our geeks busy, but we will be picking up the pace. I just wanted to assure you, our readers, that The Indian Geek is still alive and well – and that we plan to keep bringing you our views on the latest in technology and gadgets with an Indian focus.

We will be bringing out reviews of the Google Nexus S and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc within the next week (hopefully!). We will also be releasing this year’s edition of our best value-for-money smartphones list. We’ve got some other ideas as well – keep watching this space.

Don’t forget that you can email me at (without spaces) dan (at) theindiangeek (dot) com. You could also reach any of our geeks using the contact details available at our About page.


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