Saturday, September 10, 2011

MacBook Air 11 inch and 13 inch
Apple released the MacBook Air to great fanfare and criticism a few years ago. The cost was high, and there were too many performance-related sacrifices that had to be made. The wife of one of our geeks got herself a MacBook Air 11 inch some time ago, and we feel that the current generation of MacBook Airs are very good purchases for their price point. At Rs. 56,900/- for the entry-level MacBook Air (current MRP), the MacBook Air seems quite pricey. If you look at the offerings of “ultrabooks” from other computer manufacturers, the price and specs are well-matched. What makes us really go all out and say that the MacBook Air is an excellent purchase is something that can’t be determined by looking at the specifications list: Usability. We’ll get into a few specifics past that “Read more” link. Join us, won’t you?

1. Solid State Storage: The flash memory used for the hard drive space on the MacBook Air makes the boot up, shut down, standby, resume times so staggeringly impressive that every single person who’s seen the MacBook Air has been stunned. We don’t see Windows (no, not even the yet-to-be-released Windows 8) doing this for quite some time now. The MacBook Air takes just about a second or less to sleep, resume (even from deep sleep) and a little over 10 seconds for a full boot.
2. Glass Multi-touch Trackpad: The trackpad is actually glass. If you’ve never used a glass trackpad, you wouldn’t understand – your fingers just slide across the surface like a hot knife through butter. The implementation of multi-touch gestures is so natural and intuitive in OS X that you would begin hating other Notebook PC (Laptop) trackpads. This is a huge plus for any MacBook, really.
3. Size, weight: Even if you are not tired of dragging along your heavy (relatively) Windows-based Notebook PC (laptop), you will still be able to appreciate the size and weight that seem too unbelievable to be true in the MacBook Air family. You can slip these into handbags or other travel bags; you wouldn’t realise the extra weight at all.
4. Lack of other features relatively unimportant: We know that power (advanced) users would beg to disagree, but for most average consumers, the options that are supposedly “missing” wouldn’t really make a difference. For example, the lack of an optical drive for CDs and DVDs hasn’t affected us at all – the only time we needed to use the DVD sharing feature of the home Desktop PC to read a DVD on the MacBook Air was when we wished to test the feature of wireless drive sharing! The two USB ports are more than sufficient.
5. Battery life: It’s just annoyingly embarrassing to have to reach for an AC Adapter every now and then when the person next to you doesn’t; the reason being that the person next to you is using a MacBook Air. The MacBook Air 11 inch delivers a decent 5+ hours of Wireless web browsing – which includes video playback and a good amount of Adobe Flash usage.

All in all, the MacBook Airs may not be your ultimate everything-in-one machines. However, if your budget is high-enough, you simply cannot go wrong with these two babies. Feel free to agree or differ in the comments section below.


Arun Yadav said...

very balanced review of mac air.

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