Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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By now you must be familiar with Usenet and what the deal is. But Indians always like to taste the pudding before buying it. For those of you who are wondering how to get a free taste of premium Usenet access – we’ve got the perfect answer: a TIG (The Indian Geek) Giveaway! has graciously offerred to provide three free Usenet accounts. These accounts have no expiry date, but they do have a 50 GB download limit – plus, you don’t need a credit card or any payment information for these accounts. We’ve been using one of these for more than a week – and we must say that the speeds are excellent, non-pirated content barely existing and the Binverse software is pleasant to use. You can start a mad rush to click that "Read more" button and then read the instructions – participation is just one comment away.

How to participate
  1. Leave a comment on this post. Anything, really – which does not include obscenity or other unpalatable terms or references (Basically, be sensible).
  2. Do not leave more than 1 comment.
  3. Anyone who is resident anywhere in the world can participate, due to the nature of these accounts.
  4. The contest closes in 2 weeks exactly, from the time of posting this article.
  5. Do not sue us if you don’t get anything – or if you get into trouble on account of what you get through this giveaway.
Note: There are plenty of bad reports regarding which we’ve read across the Internet. Most seem to be related to the signing up for their free trial – if you do that, please remember to cancel your subscription before your free trial expires. (We got their permission to say this!) Also, keep in mind that we or Binverse do not support or condone the piracy of copyrighted content.


arvindgaba said...

Hey, Thats a really nice giveaway.. Would love to give it a shot!

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Sunil Edward Kuruvilla said...

The Indian geek... India's own geeky website.... :) good to see some one who post unbiased reviews... and more than that.. give users what they want.. Post more on topics like "built your own PC" which is very different from other websites.. Great job folks :)

Srinivasa Rao Boniga said...

Sooper like this report and wish to go for the free account. Guys who run this TIG themselves are the biggest critics and post only the facts and unbiased reports unlike other forums

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