Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Windows 8 Start screen

We watched the Windows BUILD conference keynote live last night. The most impressive features being the lightening quick boot times, the running of Windows on multiple platforms (ARM, x86 and x64) and the lack of the Start button. For those among you who want to get in on the Developer Preview, you can download it right now. Be warned, though – this is a pre-Beta Developer Preview which means that many things won’t work. We highly recommend that you install this only on a secondary PC/Hard Drive, and definitely not on your primary work/productive PC. The x86 (32-bit) image clocks in at 2.8 GB, while the x64 (64-bit) image clocks in at a whopping 3.6 GB. If you want additional developer tools and apps, you’re going to have to download an image that’s a painful 4.8 GB. Full system requirements and details are available in the source links below. For those of the faint-hearted amongst you, we’re downloading the image right now, and will take a few days of previewing it and post screenshots and impressions when we’re done with our Preview. Let us know in the comments section, if you have any thoughts of your own. The Press Release screenshots (lock screen, Internet Explorer 10, two forms of the onscreen keyboard, Photos organisation)are just past that “Read More” link.

Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 Windows 8 Keyboard - Full size Windows 8 Lock Screen

Windows 8 Photos organization Windows 8 Start screen Windows 8 Keyboard - Split

Source: BUILD Windows, Windows 8 Developer Preview Downloads


Obie Cherian George said...


Samrat Mazumdar said...

How to take screenshot in Windows developer preview said...

Hi Samrat, you can take screenshots by pressing the PrtScn (Print Screen) key on the keyboard, the image will be stored in the clipboard. After doing that, open Microsoft Paint and use the paste option. Now the screenshot will appear on your screen. You can save  the image for future use. Voila! Let us know you have any issues.

Samrat Mazumdar said...

I have installed it on laptop and it's keyboard has no Prnt Scrn key

avi majumdar said...

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subhasree halder said...

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Sunil Edward Kuruvilla said...

Hey, can you check if you can have this installed in Dual boot mode?

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