Monday, September 5, 2011

It’s no secret that Windows 8 was previewed a few months ago. The new UI layer with the Metro user interface (borrowed from the Windows Phone 7 design language, which itself was birthed from the interface created for the Zune Media Player) and support for ARM-based devices (such as Tablets) are some of the key things that have received all the hype. Did you know that the Windows development team is also looking at changes to tiny, basic functions within Windows? The simplest example would be the copy process. Yes, the thing that hasn’t changed much since the days of Windows 3. We feel that there’s a slight borrowing from what Apple uses in OS X, but Microsoft seems to have taken it a few steps ahead of Apple. Two images await you past that “Read more” link, while the full story (including a video) is available at the source link.


Source: Building Windows 8 – Improving our file management basics


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