Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Android vs iOS - Chart detailing OS support
Look what we found around the Internet! This chart (painstakingly created by Michael Degusta) shows OS updates provided over the first three years of iPhone and Android devices. While this chart only depicts phones released in the USA uptil July 2010, this provides a good overview of where Android and iOS stand, as far as OS updates are concerned. The debate still continues on which is the best mobile Operating System (with RIM’s BlackBerry OS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone also joining the fray) but it is ultimately clear that if you want the latest features for the longest time, you need to stick to Apple’s iPhone. Bear in mind that all the latest version’s features may not be available in the update for a specific device. Notable examples for this would be the multi-tasking feature not being made available to iPhone 3G devices with its respective iOS 4 update and the Google Talk Voice & Video chat not being made available to the Nexus One along with it’s latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread update.
We’re not rooting for Apple here – most of the geeks at The Indian Geek own Android phones. But this chart does make us feel sad for the state of Android. We think we’ve seen and heard all the arguments on both sides regarding Android’s fragmentation and Apple’s closed ecosystem, but feel free to hit that “Read more” link and let us know your thoughts on this subject.s
Source: the understatement
Via: Cult of Mac


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