Thursday, December 1, 2011

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It’s no secret that has become one of India’s leading online retailers. They started off small with books, and have now become the online hangout for people interested in technology and gadgets. Top websites like use information from flipkart’s latest online listings to guesstimate when a product would be released in India. The latest addition to flipkart is interesting, to say the least. Flipkart now allows you to store money with your online account (a minimum of Re. 1 and a maximum of Rs. 10,000/- can be deposited in a single transaction) which you may then use akin to a prepaid card. FAQs posted about this new service indicate that this would be an easy way for consumers to make a single transaction using your normal mode of purchasing, and then use the balance to make several smaller purchases. That sounds fine and good, but we see two other possible uses. Since the cash in your “wallet” never expires, you could use this as a storehouse for monthly savings until you have enough to buy what you need to buy. Further, parents could work out a means of paying out allowance to kids through this method – letting the child decide how and when the money could be spent. We’re sure you guys out there (our readers) have several more ways in which the new Flipkart wallet could prove useful. Chime away in comments, by clicking that “Read more” button below.


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