Saturday, January 28, 2012

Android Market - Indian Apps

You’ve bought your spanking-new Android phone (or tablet) and you’re drowning in the Android Market with its hundreds of thousands of Apps. You wonder if there are any Apps that are specific to Indians, and that would help make your Android world much better. If so, then’s latest list of Indian Android Apps is just the thing for you. It’s sorted by category, and each App has a direct link to the App on the Android Market. The categories that are used in this list are: Financial Apps, Shopping Apps, News Apps, Cricket Apps, Travel Apps, Location-based Apps, Entertainment Apps, Navigation Apps and of course, Miscellaneous Apps. The list has several useful Apps and it is nice to see that Android Apps for India have certainly come a long way since we reviewed the NDTV app more than a year ago.

A few things to note before you head off into the source link below to scour this list for interesting Apps – these are not necessarily the best Android Apps out there; the list is a comprehensive compilation of most of the Indian Android Apps. Also, the categorization has a few errors – the PVR App is listed under “Location-based”, whereas it might have been better-placed under the “Entertainment” category. Even so, we’re just glad that someone took the time and effort to come up with this list. Now, if we could just find iOS and Windows Phone lists like this…



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