Thursday, January 26, 2012

Republic Day 2012

It’s 26th January, and that means it’s a public holiday in India. The Indian Constitution was adopted on 26th January, 1950 (Heaven knows what lawlessness prevailed before then!). When you’re in school, you get to share the patriotic fervour by watching the flag being hoisted, listening to wonderful speeches on our country, etc. But you’re all grown up and sitting in front of a computer – so what do you do?

First, we definitely must make a mention of Google’s doodle today – just heading over to or will introduce you to large, rounded letters and three fat elephants. This is something to ponder, because although we’re Indians, it’s been simply ages since we set eyes on elephants. Yet somehow, the Western world seems to be stuck in a long-gone era, when we rode on elephants and weren’t a nation absorbing and consuming technology with a voracious appetite. We are glad though, that Google takes notice of our national holiday.

After you’ve spent the appropriate amount of time (in our opinion, that would be 20 seconds) admiring Google’s handiwork, you simply must head over to India’s website. Our government has put up a Republic Day section, where you have access to the President’s speech, a live-view of today’s parade in the capital and some more stuff to get you “in the mood” for Republic Day.

So spend some online-time today for our country – it is Republic Day after all, and we’re the world’s most populous democracy. Jai hind. Patriotic comments can be posted below.


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