Friday, January 27, 2012

NASA - Video of 2011 - 9th warmest year

NASA has put together a video showcasing average surface temperatures across the world, since the 1880s. It brings to light the fact that 2011 is the 9th warmest year that has been recorded, although it was marginally cooler than 2010. The really “cool” indication of India till about the 1980s could be due to the fact that the Industrial Revolution never really reached our country, or simply that no recorded data exists. It’s interesting to see technology being put to good use to help us visualise exactly how “hot” we’re making the world; but this is pointless without each one of us trying to reduce our carbon footprint and make the world a “cooler” place to live in. Watch the video now and click that “Read more” link below, to share your thoughts.

Via: Seth’s Blog

Source: NASA


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