Friday, April 27, 2012

1MW canal-top solar power plant, Mehsana, Gujarat

Image credit: Economic Times

It was big news about a week back that Gujarat’s Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, inaugurated Asia’s largest solar power generation plant – the Gujarat Solar Park, in Patan district of Gujarat. It has a total capacity of generating 600 MW with current generation capacity at 214 MW. It also uses up 3000 acres of waste land near the Rann of Kutch. What is perhaps, not so widely known, is that Modi also inaugurated a relatively tiny 1MW-generating solar power plant at Chandrasan in the Mehsana district of Gujarat, a few days after the Gujarat Solar Park. As the above image indicates, what sets this plant apart is the fact that it is built over a portion of the Narmada canal network. Apparently, this has twofold benefits – the solar panels are in a relatively cooler state due to the flowing water beneath, and the amount of water lost from the canal network due to evaporation is reduced. The cooler temperatures of the solar panels in this project enable them to be 15% more efficient than elsewhere. This also foregoes the need for the Government to procure the land needed to build the solar power plant. Modi termed it as an effective combination of “jal and urja shakti” (which we take to mean water and sun power). It definitely sounds like a win-win for everybody, but with 1 MW of power generation, there is a long way to go before such ideas and projects become the standard course of operation for India. If you know of any such ground-breaking clean-energy projects, small or big, that are underway in India, feel free to let us know.

Source: Economic Times (1, 2)


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