Monday, April 16, 2012

Canon EOS 1 D C, leftCanon EOS C500

Just as that look of smug satisfaction seemed permanently outlined on your face after buying your brand new Full HD LED TV, Canon seems to be on a mission to make your jaw drop. A few days ago Canon announced the launch of three new digital video recorders to record in 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution. The EOS 1 D C, pictured above on the left, is a modified version of Canon’s flagship dSLR announced late last year and released recently – the EOS 1 D X. With significant improvement in the video recording department, the price has also grown quite a bit from the 1 D X’ $6800 (Just over 3.5 lakh rupees as per current exchange rates) to $15,000 (about 7.75 lakh rupees as per current exchange rates). Apart from the 4K video recording ability (and the required modifications and additions), the EOS 1 D C shares most of its features with the EOS 1 D X. It records 4K video at 24 fps on dual CF-card slots. Expected release of the EOS 1 D C is near the end of this year, possibly October 2012. We’ve got the full set of press photos, as well as details on that professional-looking cinema camera pictured above on the right after the “Read more” link below.

Canon EOS 1 D C, three-quarter Canon EOS 1 D C, back Canon EOS 1 D C, bottom Canon EOS 1 D C, front Canon EOS 1 D C, leftCanon EOS 1 D C, front Canon EOS 1 D C, top Canon EOS 1 D C, right Canon EOS 1 D C, front 2 Canon EOS 1 D C, top 2

If you thought that the Canon EOS 1 D C was pretty expensive and would be used only by professional video-makers (who are we kidding?! 7.75 lakh rupees is way more than what the average Indian family is willing to spend on a car!) we would like to introduce you to the Canon EOS C500 (pictured right in the opening images of this post) and the Canon EOS C500 PL. These two video cameras can record video at 4K resolution in RAW format at multiple frame rates (unlike the cheaper EOS 1 D C which can record 4K resolution video at 24 fps only) in addition to being able to record 2K resolution video and full HD video. According to Canon, full specifications and pricing details are yet to be fixed while Canon is aiming to set the price at $30,000 (about 15.5 lakh rupees as per current exchange rates) and it is seriously hoping that cinematographers in Hollywood would consider buying a few of these. Availability of the EOS C500/EOS C500 PL is expected to be late 2012, but no certain timeframe has been announced as yet. The full set of press photos of the Canon EOS C500 are available below.

Canon EOS C500, right screen Canon EOS C500, three-quarter Canon EOS C500, three-quarter 2 Canon EOS C500, three-quarter screen Canon EOS C500, back

Canon EOS C500, back 2 Canon EOS C500, back screen Canon EOS C500, back screen grip Canon EOS C500, left Canon EOS C500, right

With regard to availability in India, we really can’t even hazard a guess; for example, the company’s flagship dSLR, the EOS 1 D X is yet to be listed in the Canon India website (nor is the previous flagship model, the 1 Ds Mark III listed). Also, the previously released cinema EOS line of digital video recorders, such as the C300, are not listed either, on the Canon India website. The way we see it, if you really must buy a video camera costing in the range of 7.75 lakh to 15.5 lakh rupees, you should have no problems in purchasing it in the United States and having it brought across. If you’re curious to know about the quality of the video recorded by these cameras, it has been confirmed to be nothing less than stellar. The guys from The Verge were present at the NAB show in Las Vegas to confirm that, and to provide us with a hands-on. All relevant links are available below.

Via: The Verge

Source: Canon USA (2)


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