Monday, April 16, 2012

New iPad, finger touching

Whether you consider the new iPad to be resolutionary (as marketed by Apple) or revolutionary, you have to admit that there is no other mobile device in the world today with such a high resolution (2048 x 1536). All reviews have praised the display, while the additional graphics processing power over the iPad 2 is seen by some as a consolation prize; the new iPad was expected to have a faster processor as well. Apart from the new A5X chip with the updated graphics processing capabilities, the new iPad has been confirmed to possess the same rear and front cameras found in the iPhone 4 (5 Megapixel with 1080p video recording at the rear and a less capable camera for video chatting at the front). In addition to the new cameras, the new iPad also has double the RAM of the iPad 2. If you’re smart, you might have figured out from the title of this post that the new iPad (seriously, it’s not called the iPad 3 although it is the next iPad after the iPad 2!) launches in India on 27th April 2012 (Friday). Pricing details (as announced by Apple) for the new iPad in India, are available past the “Read more” link.

The launch was announced by Apple PR alongwith the launch for 11 additional countries; hence, exact pricing for India is yet to be revealed. Apple’s PR reports the same prices that the new iPad sells for in the US, which is (before taxes and import duties) about Rs. 26,000/- for the 16 GB Wi-Fi new iPad and going on upto Rs. 43,000/- for the 64 GB Wi-Fi + 3G new iPad. Meanwhile, the older iPad 2 would be sold at marginally lesser prices, starting at around Rs. 21,000/-

Note: These prices are tentative guesses; in addition to these amounts, Apple would need to levy taxes and import duties in accordance to country regulations. So we expect the market retail price of the new iPad to start somewhere in the range of Rs. 30,000/- and go on upto Rs. 46,000/- while the iPad 2’s reduced starting market retail cost should be around Rs. 24,000/-

Since almost everyone in the tech industry agrees that the iPad’s App Store has far more quality and quantity of native Apps when compared to Android tablets, and the launch of Windows 8 for Tablets is still several months away, the new iPad makes a compelling argument to be purchased for anyone on the market for a tablet. We, in India, are very careful about the cash we spend on our technology; so make sure the new iPad suits your specific requirements before heading out to the nearest Apple Premium Reseller store to purchase one. Have any thoughts on the launch of the new iPad in India? The comments section below is awaiting your thoughts.

Via: MacRumors

Source: Apple PR


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