Monday, April 16, 2012

US Capitol Dome

U.S. Capitol Dome, from the Library of Congress

Normally, we don’t take it upon ourselves to report on political developments and occurrences, especially in the United States of America. However, this proposed bill in the United States Congress could have some effect on your job, if you work in an outsourced call centre. The Bill, called the US Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act, aims to deny government aid (direct or indirect) to US companies that are outsourcing call-centre jobs. Not only does the Bill call for the denial of government aid, but it also stipulates that companies that have outsourced call centres outside the U.S. should provide an option to customers to be transferred to a U.S. person upon request. This could amount to serious costs for the service provider. The Bill is yet to be passed, but if it is passed, smaller companies and customer service providers may seriously think of shifting call centre operations for U.S.-based customer support back to the home country to avoid the associated costs. Full details of the proposed Bill are available from the Library of Congress, in the “More info” section at the end of this post, which can be access by clicking the “Read more” link below.

Source: The Hindu

More info: HR3596, United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act


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