Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Old Typewriter" by Petr Kratochvil

The Hindu reports that a shop in Chennai called Typewriter Sales and Service Emporium still has a regular business of 30-35 typewriters that come in for service every month. Due to several people from different walks of life, typewriters still seem to live on in a time-warped manner. Although kids growing up today may not know what a typewriter is, there are some who have an attachment to the concept of using typewriters and recording written items directly to paper. There are others who doggedly resist the ease of use ushered in by computers, keenly insisting that typewriting is the way to go. Surprisingly, the NGO Aid India is using typewriters as a low-cost method to introduce typing as a concept to students in remote areas. Since typewriters are no longer manufactured, this shop procures second-hand typewriters and refurbishes them and then sells them to prospective buyers. The proprietor of Typewriter Sales and Service Emporium, Elumalai, claims that typewriters can last for 35-40 years. He however, admits that the regular business that is currently coming in may stop over the next 5-7 years.

It always is amazing to look back and see the strides that technology has taken over the past. What is sometimes equally amazing is the resilience of old technology and the prolonged and undying usage of yester-year technology by several people. If you know of any such technology from the past that is still put to use across our country, do let us know in comments below or by contacting us.

Via: The Hindu


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