Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Travel Apps for the modern Smartphone

In olden days if you wanted to travel, you had to strap your modest belongings to a horse and rely on a compass to get you where you wanted to go. There were risks involved, such as being robbed by pirates or the mythical belief that you might fall off the edge of the world – hardly the most enticing of ideas.

Thankfully in today's world, things are far simpler when it comes to travelling, especially if you own a modern smartphone. There are numerous apps on the Android Market that are designed to make your travels as easy as possible. Best of all, a good few of them are free as well! It doesn’t matter whether you have a Samsung Galaxy S II or a Motorola Razr; if it’s an Android smartphone, you can make travelling an easier (or lazier, depending on your point-of-view) task. Read on for some App ideas.

Before you jet off, you’re going to need to collate all your travel plans into an itinerary. However, if like some of us, you don’t have your own personal assistant to type up your travels on a sheet of A4 paper – which you would never dream of losing – there is a simple app that can do all the hard work for you. TripIt is an amazing little app that will collate all your travel plans into one list, which is then synced with your own calendar. So when you become confused about whether you’re meant to be on a train or a plane, just whip out your phone and TripIt will straighten out your dilemma for you.

Of course, it’s all very well getting to a new country, but what happens when you arrive and you realise that the French you learnt in school/college is far removed from what is actually spoken in the country? Or if you never went to French class, as you're a staunch believer in the "be Indian, study Indian" philosophy? Not to worry; with your Android smartphone, you can use the Google Translate app, which can quickly translate over 60 languages directly on your smartphone. You can even speak straight into the app and it will translate it for you. No need to spend your holiday incessantly looking through a translation book for common phrases anymore – or pointing at objects and speaking very loudly. That seldom works.

As well as having to cope with a different language, you will no doubt find that when travelling abroad you will be forced to use a different currency. Not only will this be slightly confusing, but it’s also incredibly easy to spend way more than you planned if you don’t know what the price equates to in your own currency. No points if you guessed it, yes, Android offers a handy, free app simply named Currency Converter that allows you to convert currency. All you need to do is choose the currencies you wish to convert and enter the amount – simple!

What about finding out about local history and sights? Say, for instance, you’re taking your newfound better half on a romantic honeymoon. You’ll want to impress her with all your general knowledge but, alas, you know very little – which is why you need the Wikitude app. Simply point your phone at your surroundings and the app uses augmented reality to provide you with tidbits of interest that you can share and pass off as your own wisdom.

These are useful apps, designed to ensure an easy holiday travel experience. All thanks to a little Android magic. Many, if not all, Apps mentioned in this post have an equivalent in the iOS App Store or the Windows Phone Marketplace. Why don't you mention your own favourite travel apps in the Comments below?


This is a guest post from Simon over at Best Mobile Contracts, UK.


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