The Indian Geek talks about technology for Indians, by Indians. We are always happy to answer any queries/concerns you may have regarding technology, gadgets, this website or any of our articles. To know more about The Indian Geek and what we do, please read the FAQ section below.

Questions that we get asked, frequently (FAQs):
Q: How do I get constant updates when an article is posted on The Indian Geek website?
A: There are several methods to keep tabs on our latest posts. You can like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, add our RSS feed to your feed aggregator (such as Pulse or Google Reader), download our Symbian app from the Ovi Store (if you have certain Nokia Symbian smartphones) and sign up for email updates using the sign up box on our main page. We currently don't have the resources for an Android/iOS/WP7 App, although accessing our website from a smartphone should take you to a mobile version of the website. If there are some other cool ways which you want to use to follow our updates, do let us know - we'll check the feasibility of the same.

Q: Can I give a product/software/service for review to The Indian Geek?
A: The Indian Geek exists to let Indians know how useful technology and gadgets fare in everyday life. We would love to review new products/software/services which are relevant to Indian consumers. Get in touch with us, and we'll take it from there.

Q: Does The Indian Geek get free goodies from companies whose products you review?
A: From time to time, we may get freebies from companies. If we do, we give these away as giveaways to our readers. Due to the intent to keep The Indian Geek completely unbiased and completely neutral, we cannot and we will not keep such goodies for ourselves.

Q: I don't see updates constantly. Why is that?
A: The Indian Geek is an undertaking by several individuals to put their knowledge for the use of the general public. As such, many of these individuals have their day jobs and their families and lives to take care of. The Indian Geek tries to focus on reviews of products and share our knowledge on the technology present in India to help you make informed decisions for your technology purchases.

Q: Does The Indian Geek sell anything?
A: No. The Indian Geek does not sell or endorse any product.

Q: Can we pay you to recommend our product/service/software?
A: No. Due to the nature of The Indian Geek, we cannot accept payment for writing about any product/service/software in our website. If you want us to review your product/service/software, feel free to contact us.

Q: I want to advertise on this website. Is that possible?
A: The Indian Geek ran without any advertising during its first year. Currently, we serve a minimal amount of Ads through Google's Adsense network. If you wish to display something specific or explore the possibility of partnering with us, feel free to drop us a line at contact (at) theindiangeek (dot) com or get in touch with our geeks from the Contact page.

Q: I want to write about The Indian Geek or I am looking for more specific information regarding The Indian Geek. Whom should I contact?
A: You can send us an email at contact (at) theindiangeek (dot) com or contact our geeks from the Contact page.

Q: I want to write for The Indian Geek. Can I?
A: Currently, we are not hiring any geeks for our team. However, we are open to the idea of guest posts. Get in touch with us with the specifics of what you aim to write about, and we'll take it from there.

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