All articles related to computers (Notebook, Desktop, Netbook, Nettop, Tablets) and computing that have been published so far are collected here for easy access.

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25-03-2011 Tablets – A useful alternative to Notebook PCs (Laptops) and Netbooks
08-02-2011 Assembled : Optical drives, add-on cards and peripherals
04-02-2011 Assembled : Features to look for in a PC display – monitor or TV
18-01-2011 Assembled : Selecting RAM, chassis case and Power Supply Unit
11-01-2011 Assembled : All about motherboard basics
04-01-2011 Assembled : Hard drives made easy
21-12-2010 Assembled : How to choose your graphics card
13-12-2010 Assembled : Choosing the right CPU
25-11-2010 Netbooks and Tablets - To buy or not to buy?

13-02-2012 Sony Tablet S - Full Review
22-01-2011 Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 - Full review
17-01-2011 Free, open-source alternative to Microsoft Word - Writer...
08-01-2011 Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 - Unboxing and first impressions

16-02-2013 Living with Windows 8
19-11-2012 How to get Windows 8
22-05-2012 Nvidia launches GRID GPU for better cloud gaming; wants you to game instantly, anywhere and on any device
01-05-2012 India has slowest Internet in Asia Pacific region, 114th globally
19-04-2012 Free image-editing software, Phocus, from Hasselblad, updated
17-04-2012 Windows RT, 8, Pro, Enterprise editions announced; Microsoft simplifies things for consumers
17-04-2012 Windows 8 Consumer Preview - Full Review
16-04-2012 The new iPad launches in India on 27th April, 2012
21-02-2012 Amazon Kindle Keyboard – Full Review
13-02-2012 Microsoft Online store hacked; usernames and passwords leaked
03-12-2011 Microsoft Flight beta accepting invitations; bring along your Xbox Live gamertag and sign on the dotted line
01-12-2011 Popular Indian online retailer Flipkart introduces “wallet”; easy way to store money for purchases
28-10-2011 Windows 8 Developer Preview – Screenshots, impressions and details
26-10-2011 Aakash and Ubislate7 announced; Tata Nano equivalents for Tablet computing in India
14-09-2011 Windows 8 – Developer Preview download available
10-09-2011 MacBook Air – A value for money buy in India
05-09-2011 Windows 8: Improving the littlest things too
04-09-2011 Usenet - Introduced and explained
21-04-2011 Two Finger Scrolling - On non-multitouch Synaptics trackpads
10-04-2011 Synergy – Software to share keyboard and mouse between two computers
28-03-2011 HCL launches 3 ME tablets; prices them from budget to high-end
27-03-2011 Free calling to the US via Gmail – from India
26-03-2011 pixlr Editor – Free, simplified, online alternate to Photoshop
22-03-2011 Two step verification: Google’s new security blanket
20-03-2011 Online security – Reduce the risk of account hacking, phishing and data theft
19-03-2011 Wi-Fi hotspots – Wireless broadband access on-the-go in India
18-03-2011 Firefox 4 – Release on 22nd March, in time to break records and make IE 9 weep
16-03-2011 Internet Explorer 9 releases – Speedy, revamped and with a host of new features
21-02-2011 Sony launched the Vaio YB Series – VPCYB15AG in India...
05-02-2011 The resurgence of the “Idiot Box”
24-01-2011 AMD Fusion and what it means for Netbooks, Notebooks and Mobile...
14-01-2011 Tablets and their future - A roundup of the best from CES
11-01-2011 Harnessing the power of Twitter
07-01-2011 When sci-tech plays Sherlock
06-01-2011 Geek's Acronym List
30-12-2010 Banking on technology
23-12-2010 Chromed - 5 extensions to enhance your browsing exp...
17-12-2010 Tabbed browsing for a worthy cause (five causes, actually)
16-12-2010 Google tips we all should know